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Possible to f2p bullwork addition CR hero? Got Harris and Rhodes. Considering Gronk, Jackson or Williams (blue). Possible at this point? Suggestions from the above?

Will attach photos of accepted team. Could use admonition with amateur adjustment to aerate team. Trying to apprentice and yield the next step.

I anticipate on boilerplate you akin a amateur like 3-4 times a ages if you play every event. I assumption over time you can get him max and he will be a nice ballast for the O-line.

Get Gronk and put him in your slot. Abundant for bailout plays if everybody is covered. Gronk will get the jump brawl with that top STR and CIT.

Cool I acknowledge the feedback. Going to accept to advancement at WR eventually. Was acquisitive alliance Dez ability work. Just added CR bang-up Adams. Maybe TOTW Janis?

I am aflame to get CR Bang-up Adams. I am audition positives from him. Don't you like Demarius Thomas? I'd be blessed if I accept Adams and Thomas as my WRs.

But nonetheless, I apprehend TotW Janis is a abundant pickup! But I like two TE sets that's why I recommended Gronk.

He's the Brady affected version. Accomplished but slow. Rudolph is in fact added reliable in my opinion. Going to try Adams and see how it goes.

And are you apprenticed on on accepting elites for WRs? A maxed Martavis Bryant is a beast. A acceptable aggregate of admeasurement and speed. Plus he's a acceptable blocker. How's your TotW Diggs? Is he good?

I'M invested in the TOTW guys. Accept the KR, CB, WR. Will get K and cerebration about the LB. The benefit assemblage isn't bad. Figured the were bullwork accessible and acquainted a hole.

How would tourney credibility plan in that? Like, we get 8 credibility for every drive we do bare about abounding credibility the CPU array adjoin you?

I would anticipate it would be a atomic credibility accustomed affectionate of affair with a tiebreaker of atomic yards.

Right, that's accessible for free the winners of the matchups, but I beggarly for the Tournament credibility that actuate who the top 1% are.

Maybe it would be like you get credibility for the bulk of backyard you acquiesce and added for acceptance array and the being with the everyman account wins.

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