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Nov-30-2017 Categories: news

Every new amend creates a new problem. Aboriginal it was how abhorrent amateur stats were fabricated to bandage aid their shotty gameplay, afresh an amend fabricated it so Madden 18 crashes bisected the time you are arena on ps4, and now we can't even advance right.

The accomplished CFM needs scrapped. It doesn't advice I don't apperceive what went on one division afore because no stats are kept for simple appearance or accolade winners. Afresh there is the activity that you're arena an RPG bold with the abominable XP arrangement area corruption happens because of bad seasons but acceptable seasons you get approximate XP to put you may not apperceive area would be best. Afresh if you let the CPU do it they put it in brainless attributes that doesn't account the amateur or team.

My DB locks humans down but gets no picks he loses 1 man coverage. My DB assurance out and has 6-8 picks, but my aegis gives up 4K casual yards cuz the blow are scrubs, he loses 1 man coverage. My QB gets murdered by the DLine one game, loses injury.

Too abounding fumbles you lose carrying. You run/receive for 200 yards and 2 tds but don't win PoW... you get like 500-700 xp which isn't even acceptable abundant to advancement one stat. Add that in with the actuality that the guy who does the ratings is in actuality inept, biased and refuses to yield feedback. But humans accumulate blasting money into Ultimate Aggregation so EA couldn't affliction less.

It's a sad time for authorization players. I apperceive it's said all the time but I backbiting NBA 2K admirers so much. I try and it's accomplished but basketball and it's 82-game division is just not gonna be fun for me for continued unfortunately. If they can accumulate all the abounding stats they clue every year for that abounding games, why is it harder to clue NFL stats year to year?

Not to acknowledgment Division vs Postseason stats. You may as able-bodied play unrealistically in the playoffs because it's not tracked anywhere. That and this XP arrangement has assuredly just fabricated me say abundant is enough.

The abandoned acumen I bought Madden was because Best Buy was accomplishing a advance abreast me that fabricated Madden 18 $25 if I angry in Madden 17 with it. But I complete able-bodied may avoid Madden altogether this next year and do something added productive.

It just sucks because this bold brought my two best accompany and I calm about 10 years ago and now that we are adults, arena this bold online calm is the abandoned way we “hang out”.

I just ambition Madden gave bisected a bits about its customers. As of appropriate now, I could admission disregarded the issues with CFM if the gameplay was superb. But amid the god abominable zoneplay, the actuality that the ratings guy in actuality murdered people's ratings in an casuistic way (see Deon Buchannon, Any Olineman, Jabril Peppers, etc.), the brainless bits bend that allows you to about-face at a 90 amount bend afterwards accident dispatch because “he has top agility”.

This is one of the a lot of dissapointing maddens I've anytime played, abnormally aback they toted Frost Bite as this engine that will change aggregate and angry out to be a cartoon engine that madden mobile coins, in hindsight, in actuality sucks if you attending at fans/sideline players.