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Nov-14-2017 Categories: news

TLDR: I am proposing a boycot on all products, and casework provided by EA.


Madden Mobile is downloadable at no cost, but players accept the best to achieve in app purchases. If in app purchases are made, players abutment Electronic Arts, the developer of Madden Mobile. In return, EA is accepted to accommodate abiding servers, chargeless of any login issues. We apprehend an bargain abode with fair pricing of cheap madden mobile coins. Rewards becoming through in bold promotions charge to be delivered accurately, and in a appropriate manner. If we accommodate EA with our own money, EA needs to accommodate a absolute acquaintance for the amusement of its playerbase.


'Freemium players' are a admired allotment of Madden Mobile's playerbase. EA has alone to able-bodied serve the needs of a analytical allotment of the community.

The circadian purchasing absolute of ten pro packs has fabricated purchasing cards through the AH acutely expesnive.

Rewards for weekend tournaments and added promotions accept been untimely, unfair, and inconsistent.

EA has not provided a abiding belvedere for Madden Mobile.

EA is not abundantly adressing the desires of it's playerbase.

Many honest players accept been unfairly banned by EA.

Banning players for sniping on the bargain abode is arbitrary to honest players. The playerbase should not be penalized for attempting to play afterwards spending money.

Compensation to players for mistakes fabricated by EA has been inadequate, and ailing distributed.


EA needs to admit that apathy players that accept not to absorb money abnormally impacts the acquaintance of the absolute playerbase.

EA will ensure that players will accept no approaching issues with server stability, and login.

EA will ensure that rewards becoming during in bold promotions will be delivered on time, and afterwards affair to the absolute players.

EA will not ban any approaching players for 'sniping'. All players currently banned for 'sniping' will be unbanned.

EA will abolish the circadian acquirement absolute of ten pro packs.

EA will affair a accessible acknowledgment to all players impacted by their abortion to accommodate and advance superior gameplay.

Madden Mobile's circadian acquirement is estimated at $427504. EA's affair for breeding acquirement at the bulk of players is blatant. Until the aforementioned akin of affair is displayed in commendations to accouterment a fair acquaintance for all players, EA will not recieve any added money.

EA will affair a able acknowledgment for its analysis of its playerbase, and acknowledge to the desires of the Madden Mobile association afore any added purchases will be made.

Alienating players who accept not to absorb money will abnormally appulse the acquaintance of the absolute playerbase. Because EA has no allurement to accommodate a fair acquaintance to these players, the allocation of the playerbase who will absorb money needs to actualize an allurement for EA to accommodate for the absolute playerbase through a boycot.

The redditing playerbase of Madden Mobile should animate a avoid of goods, and casework provided by EA through advice on amusing media, and alliance accumulation chats. Abandoned a baby allocation of Madden Mobile players are on reddit, so it is analytical that we acquaint aboveboard with the absolute playerbase.