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Sep-15-2017 Categories: news

When is the agenda amend dropping? The roster's been in actuality inaccurate for a while now but accustomed the blow i'm accommodating to adjournment a little bit.

I don't apperception a delay, I just feel like there should be a set abode to see the agenda on EA Sports website and accept it amend with any delays or changes to the schedule. Let's try to bethink that this is 2017 and establishing assets like this is complete simple and simple to maintain.

I just looked... UGH... But don't worry, they put Freeman and White on the IR... sigh... Glad I'm not the alone one affairs my hair out apprehensive why they haven't created Gentry yet.

Now that those 2 are on the IR, I ambition there was an advantage in Play Now and Convenance access area I can just about-face off Injuries and use players like Freeman and Meredith. EA just baffles me sometimes with their abstraction of realism.

EA: Freeman and White are on the IR? Able-bodied we charge to put Jerrell Freeman and Kevin White on Injured Reserve ASAP. (A few account later) EA: Tanner Gentry has been answer to the Bears' alive roster? Eh, we'll add him in Anniversary 15. Who cares?

Yeah it abnormally bugs me because Freeman went on the IR like 2 canicule ago, and Gentry's been on the 53 man agenda for like 5 days. There's added humans on added teams not in the adventurous either...just in actuality annoying. Makes it harder to alpha a CFM, abnormally with added animal players.

I apperceive right. EA has larboard CFM in a canal and is now focused mainly on MUT for the $$$. For example, I'm audition there is currently a annihilate in CFM (In Simulation) area added credibility are kicked from the 40 instead of the 15 because someone at EA fUCK it up.

They were traveling to plan on it, but they didn't because they had to accomplish 5 Reggie White cards for MUT. It is in actuality accepting on my fretfulness nowadays.

Just basic to jump in and aswell articulation my abuse that Tanner Gentry isn't in this adventurous yet. wtf?

I've been absent to alpha a CFM but I can't accompany myself to do it aback he wont be in it. Kid's gonna be a superstar (kind of badinage but not in actuality lol).

This agenda ratings guy continues to disappoint. Jack Mewhort on the colts got nerfed endure year afterwards the Colts accustomed 5 sacks. Except Mewhort didn't acquiesce one sack endure year.

Now he allows 1 sack vs the rams and hes nerfed like crazy. Compared to area he started in Madden 17 complete joke. We talking about a amateur who has accustomed 4 sacks absolute of Madden mobile coins in 41 amateur and added than bisected 2.5 of those were his amateur year.