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Dec-07-2017 Categories: news

Online arch to arch burning replays... if you both advance "move on" aural abnormal afresh the epitomize skips. If one of you skips and the added watches the replay, afresh you've just watched 1 of your 4 replays you're allotted.

The replays can be acclimated to adjudge if you should challenge, buy Madden Coins or just to adore a acceptable play. I can accede a acceptable play, even if it's me accepting denticulate on.

I in actuality like the gameplay in this Madden but I abandoned in actuality play h2h and some Ultimate team. The AI feels like you either abstract them out or they cheese. Usually humans acclimatize this with sliders for authorization but still abandoned works able-bodied if you simulate.

Bigger changes I'd ambition to see:

1) Adventure elements/events in authorization mode. Instead of just behest on chargeless agents would be air-conditioned if you had to cloister them to your team. I lose too abounding bids to guys on "Scheme fit" if afterwards they got there I'd acutely end up altering my arrangement to fit them.

2) 3v3 alfresco of ultimate team.

3) Barter finder. Out of all the applesauce this sub goes on about that 2k has, a barter finder would be appealing cool. I like to do the fantasy abstract authorization but get appealing apathetic with my aggregation afterwards awhile. Speaking of.

4) Bring aback abstract champions! I would adulation a H2H abstract champions access agnate to dota area you yield turns affairs from a hero pool. For classic the bold generates a accidental basin of elite/legend cards like it does now but you yield turns affairs from the aforementioned pile. If one guy picks warren moon than the added cannot aswell yield that aforementioned card. Would accomplish for some acceptable amateur by picking/forcing counters while aswell developing a action as you pick.

I'm arena appropriate now and a amateur got hurt. I abhorrence how 9 times out of 10 it doesn't in actuality appearance you who is hurt. It could be one of your players, it could be your opponents. You don't apperceive unless you stop and go analysis the abrasion list.

They allegation to anon go to the player. A lot of madden mobile coins of the time I don't care. But I'd like to apperceive if it's my alive aback that just got aching afterwards accustomed the brawl afore I accept my next play.