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Oct-05-2017 Categories: news

I've got a account fabricated so far, but I'd like to apprehend people's input. What rapper would you like in the NFL, and at what position?

Coach - Snoop Dogg (Pete Carroll helped get him the job)

Offensive Coordinator - Gucci (he consistently owns the bold from afar)

Defensive Coordinator - "D"J Khaled

The Potent Offense:

QB = Quavo (playing experience)

Ability RB = Biggie (feed the beast)

Scat RB = Lil "soft hands" Uzi Vert

Big TE = Column Malone

Redzone WR = 2 chainz (2 curtains to break inbounds)

Ascendancy WR = Andre Nickatina (consistent production, can consistently apprehend acceptable value)

Aperture WR = Lil Wayne (Crosses on his face and the field, abbreviate and belligerent with years of experience)

OL = E40, Fat Joe, Rick Ross, Flo rida

The Star-Studded Defense: (Best players play D)

DL = Biggie, Dr Dre, Rick Ross, Wiz Khalifa, "dirty acceleration rusher" is in actuality Ol' Dirty B!

Thick LBs = Jay Z, 50 Cent (jersey #50), Petey Paublo (freak the QB sneaks)

CB = Tupac, Andre 3000, Offset

Aperture CB = Eminem (he can stick with fast white aperture guys)

SS = Bam Bam Adjustment Man

FS = Kanye "imma let you bolt it but alone Jesus roams here" West

Special Teams:

Kicker = Offset is clutch

Punter = Takeoff (the punter consistently larboard off the bMadden)

Special Teams = Abstract, Travis Scott, Mac Dre, Kendrick, Nas

Cheerleaders = C-note, Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim

Once you're done, you can yield on my aggregation of Porn Stars with none added than Johnny Sins at the QB position.

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