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Dec-01-2017 Categories: news

Zone aegis is absolutely torn this year. Awning 3 is basically useless, leaves astronomic advanced gaps on the field, buy madden mobile coins and like 30% of area plays are some alternative of awning 3.

Unless you can get a sack from a awning 3 abject defense, it's about affirmed to be a 15-20 backyard gain, about on a column or fly avenue in the average of the field.

Man aegis has been disconnected for years, but somehow, they just in actuality bankrupt zone. There is no canyon blitz unless you're user-controlling a arresting bandage player.

Plays that acclimated to awning analytic well, like Awning 3 Mable just don't anymore... Defenders leave broad abandoned spots on the acreage and are magnetized to these tiny area advantage spots, blank abhorrent players.

On top of that, it doesn't in actuality bulk if you're amphitheatre a bad breach or a bad quarterback, every quarterback is the same.

Chad Henne, 72ovr, will play just as able-bodied as Tom Brady, 99ovr, with about no difference. EJ Manuel will play just about as able-bodied was Russell Wilson. For QBs, ratings don't matter.

It's not you, it's the game. In Madden '17, man aegis was broken, so everybody played zone, so EA's acknowledgment was to analogously breach area defense, so that both schemes were appropriately useless.

Ratings don't assume to matter, period. I'm consistently giving up abbreviate beneath applesauce that can't be defended. Like 1 to 2 backyard throws that go for added every time because defenders bead aback 10 yards at the breeze always.

Probably 80% of games, the qb, no bulk who, will complete 75%+ of his passes. I usually win, but it's so abuse unrealistic.

Yeah, ratings don't bulk at all basically, abnormally for the CPU. It makes the accomplished authorization approach adequately pointless.

In Madden '17, the ratings didn't bulk either, what mattered a lot of for CPU adversity was just the AI tendencies/playbooks. Seattle was absolute difficult on All Madden in Madden '17 because they had a Awning 3 arresting playbook and Wilson had a clutter and clamp affection tendency, which fabricated them like way harder than every added team.

Even if you played 5 years into the approaching and if Seattle was like a 78 overall, those two things accumulated fabricated them abundant harder than every added team, while like a 90-overall aggregation that had Awning 2 man arresting playbook and abridged passer affection was just abundantly simple to beat. It's all bogus. The bold is crap, but in actuality got worse this year.