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Nov-29-2017 Categories: news

I play lots of absorption to detail so every little affair in this bold urks me. Annihilation is in actuality bold breaking but it's just some things that abrade the hell out of me. Things like:

- The end of a arrest animation. Afterwards a accouterment is completed, it's like the players lose all activity in their bodies and become rag dolls. They just break there laying on the acreage until they eventually get up. They aswell admission this awe-inspiring benumbed affair if they get up over added players. It's like their leg(s) is/are amphibian in the air if they're aggravating to footfall over someone. It in actuality distracts from the all-embracing accuracy in the game.

- The amusement players. I don't in actuality apprehend them to be TOO detailed, but at atomic added abundant and added life-like than they currently are. It's like they are robots that scripted to acclamation if something acceptable happens for their team. I even see them auspicious if something acceptable happens to the opposing team. I don't apperception their jerseys accepting bearding and lackluster, but at atomic accord them life.

- The active animations. They accept so stiff. No one runs like that in complete life.

- Abridgement of presentation. I'd like to see players unstrapping their helmets and demography them off in abstinent Madden afterwards an bootless play. I'd like to see aperture guards as well.

These are in actuality tiny things, but they just abrade me. The tiny things count!

The amateur AI is awful, and the added I play it, the added I notice. I acclaim traveling into burning epitomize and in actuality watching the plays in added detail just so you can see how bad they in actuality are. You don't consistently apprehension it at abounding speed, but the AI is consistently breaking and not accomplishing what it's declared to.

I can accord with the shitty graphics, impaired animations, and subpar presentation, but if I'm consistently accepting sacked or tackled for a accident because my blockers just bend there and in actuality do nothing, it's infuriating.

The avenue active is horrid, too. If you're scrambling on a canyon play, the avant-garde receivers just bend there and rarely even attack to get open. That's something rookies do in preseason that gets them cut from the team, not fucking 90 OVR receivers.

Oh, and don't even bother aggravating to run screens or beat routes. Amusement communicable is bankrupt because receivers will run beeline out of bound rather than try to cut upfield, and bisected the time on screens the active aback will get ashore on the abhorrent bandage because allegedly they didn't accord the AI the adeptness to run about stuff. So abounding play types- screens, fades, and assertive run plays are about abortive because the AI is not able of active them properly.

Even play action, which is a basic of every breach in the NFL, doesn't accept to admission any appulse aloft a approved canyon play. In NCAA 14 if you accustomed the run and afresh ran a play activity pass, it would affected out the aegis and Madden mobile coins could cause a destroyed coverage. Annihilation like that in Madden.

I went aback endure weekend and played a ton of NCAA 14. The gameplay is bigger than avant-garde Madden in every way.