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May-10-2018 Categories: news

First time application this subreddit, so I apologize if this is a known/common issue. I've looked on youtube and I've googled my botheration to no avail.

I created a custom playbook on m18 a few months ago and it was awesome. Column draft, I downloaded a new agenda with all the rookies afore starting a new franchise.

But afore I did that, I capital to abuse my playbook. I went in and afflicted some things about and adored it. Started up my authorization and got into bold and my playbook had all my old plays in it.

Ok, maybe it didn't save. Go aback to adapt playbook and it shows actually what I afflicted it to. Go to play now custom bold for time's account and go in and my playbook is my old one.

I'm accepting balked because I wanna play with my new playbook and can't.

I accept adored over the aboriginal and as a new playbook and no amount which I baddest afore traveling into game, it alone shows plays from my old playbook.

Any advice is abundant appreciated.

TL;DR: My custom playbook in bold is altered from what it is in the adapt menu. Basically my playbook is my old one while in game, and is the new one alfresco of a game.

Too abounding plays in playbook? Are you abiding you afflicted your absence play book to your new one afore the game(mobile madden coins)?

I accept about bisected the max plays allowed, 2/3 max sets allowed, and 5/9 formations allowed.

And yes, I afflicted by playbook in the agenda that has adapt uniforms, etc. adapted afore the game.

I did it for the aboriginal book and Madden Coins aswell a new book and both still showed alone the old playbook already in the game.