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​Madden 20 - Why is the epitomize arrangement so bad

news Nov-01-2019

​Madden 20 - Why is the epitomize arrangement so bad

So I'm a continued time fifa amateur who's just accepting into acrimony (Still arena 19 BTW) , and the NFL as whole, and afterwards years of arena Fifa I'm afraid at how bad the burning epitomize artisan is in this game.

In fifa you can abeyance the bold at any time and bound watch like 5 account of the a lot of contempo bold play in the burning epitomize section.

Want to do that with madden? Tough luck buddy.

That "available anon afterwards play ends" is such a awry system. You just denticulate a Td and wish to watch it? Yeah, not accident because even admitting you called "play all offense" you don't in fact get to bang that added point (why the hell is this?) for some acumen unless you play all snaps, so you got beeline to the cool Sim screen, which seems appealing asinine to me.

You just got sacked by some bs from the game's engine and wish to watch it again? Nah, aback to the cool Sim awning for you it is.

Again, you can get about this by selecting "Play abounding game" but that is actively so dumb.

Also, if you're arena authorization approach as a player, distinctively as qb, say goodbye to a lot of of your touchdowns because you will not be able to see them and alone like bisected of them in fact arise on the bold highlights.

I apologize if this seems like a impaired rant, MUT 20 Coins but afterwards so abounding years of accepting a absolute epitomize system, I'm baffled at how bad addition bold from the aforementioned aggregation can be.