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​Madden 20 - New Xbox Franchise

news Oct-04-2019

​Madden 20 - New Xbox Franchise

Looking for committed players who wish to accompany a new xbox authorization with added committed players with capricious skills. It will be a no-cheese league. We will acquaint and agenda amateur through Discord. Currently the teams that accept been taken are Browns, Bears, Saints, Ravens, Texans, Panthers, Cowboys, Colts, and Chiefs. We will be starting Sunday at 1pm est.

Please see the rulebook below:

–Sportsmanship– If your adversary has conceded defeat backward in the bold at a reasonable point (by active abandoned and chewing clock) you charge to pump the brakes and just yield the victory. If your adversary has NOT conceded defeat and is aggressively aggravating to appear aback ( Madden 20 Coins airing it out on breach & putting 8-9 men in the box run blitzing) the aggregation in the advance is chargeless to run their breach to accumulate the chains moving. The acceptable aggregation is aswell chargeless to account if they accept an accessible lane to the end zone.

1, No acerbity abandonment or disconnecting

–Game Scheduling– --Communication is key for a acknowledged league. Amuse don't be lax or acquiescent if it comes to contacting your opponent. Don't play the cat-and-mouse game. --DM your opponents with absolute canicule and times that plan for you, not just adage “I'll be chargeless ancient later”. --To accord a user a FW we will charge screenshot affidavit that you accustomed to acquaintance your adversary in DMs.


--Offense-- Alter your runs, alter your formations, and alter your routes. Do not resort to go-to plays on a lot of 3rd downs. We all accept tendencies, but let's accessible up the playbook for this league. Do not continuously alarm the aforementioned plays. DO NOT CHEESE: This agency accomplishing things to yield advantage of the CPU AI instead of in fact out-playing your opponent.

1, All players accept to be set if the brawl is snapped. Can not breeze the brawl while amateur is in motion.

2, Playmaker is banned -Throwing alfresco of the numbers is banned.

–QB Movement– --QB should not be sprinting aback 10 yards on drop-backs. --QB should not just dart beeline to the sidelines afterwards the snap. Let the QB complete his drop-back motion, and afresh you can clutter if you are adverse absolute pressure. --There are some advised roll-outs in the game, but none of them dart you to the sideline. -- Basically don't be a douche.

--Defense— Alter your coverage, alter your formations, and alter your blitzes. If you accept a aggregation that is congenital to play added man feel chargeless to do so. The aforementioned goes for area schemes. Aural your arrangement you still charge to alarm altered zone/man plays. -No nano blitzing -Must blitz at atomic 3 defenders on every play, QB spy does not calculation as a rusher.

–4th Down Rules– --4th and 2 on your opponent's 45 backyard band and in. This does not beggarly that it should be automated to go on 4th in this situation, as the bold bearings should actuate this. --Anytime you are accident in the 4th quarter.

–No Huddle– Due to a alternating arresting glitch, no added than 1 no ataxia attack can be alleged per drive. Exception: Abandoned in the final 2 account of the 2nd and 4th quarters.

–Chew Clock– --No bite alarm unless your adversary has conceded the game.

–Position Changes– – No WR to TE or HB – LB's can be confused to LE/RE and carnality versa. – LE/RE can be confused to DT and carnality versa. – Accessory positions can be confused to addition accessory position (CB, SS, FS) – No accessory to LB positions – If you don't see something listed here, amuse ask an admin afore authoritative the switch. --Also no continuously affective positions every week. Players accept abused this in the accomplished for training xp.

–Trading– – No trading with the CPU. -Trades consisting of x-factor players, superstars, or 90 all-embracing and aloft MUST be accustomed by commissioners. – Commissioner(s) accept the appropriate to veto any barter they feel is bad for the league.

Contracts and Resigns: – Max breadth arrangement action is 5 years for all.