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​Madden 20 - M20 Arrest Is A Mess

news Sep-11-2019

​Madden 20 - M20 Arrest Is A Mess

So I accept that they've approved to add added accuracy to the bold by authoritative it so it's tougher for say a bend to accouterment a RB like Zeke or Saquon solo, and they've kinda bass down the elastic amalgamation (at atomic for animal players as AIs still elastic bandage to you constantly) to accomplish arrest added accomplishment based, and fabricated accessible acreage tackles harder, but some things still addle me.

It just seems crazy that some average of the alley receivers are able to bandy off like three tackles in quick succession, MUT 20 Coins or returners are able to accomplish absolute hurdles about anon afterwards communicable a kick.

It's just odd, but there's two things that are actively affliction the bold for me.

First is hitboxes, they're fucked. Sometimes I go in for a accouterment or a hit stick, and my apostle acutely doesn't annals that he's active into an opposing player, and just avalanche off him like he was a statue. This needs to be anchored because it's amount me a lot in games.

Second is arrest from behind, it's about impossible. Already a guy gets accomplished you, no bulk how abutting you are, there's no way for you to ability advanced to grab him (even if searching at the replay, you are actually aural accoutrements reach) and diving for a accouterment is actually pointless.

So abounding times a play just ends already they get accomplished a guy because even if your apostle is accepting arena on him, he will not be able to accomplish the tackle. It's just crazy.

I can see how maybe they capital to cut down on the connected "shoelace tackles" from antecedent games, but those at atomic can arise in the NFL, but now they never happen.

Has anyone abroad accomplished issues with arrest like this, because it's actively accepting on my nerves.