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Oct-13-2018 Categories: news

I afresh got Madden for my altogether and afterwards all I've heard about how able-bodied they've patched the bold I ample I'd adore it. Yeah I was brainless to acquire that basin of crap.

The bold is so torn and abhorrent that I'm in actuality cerebration about abiding it.

1)Offensive band moves so aberrant if they get to the band it looks like a old 90s animations for a kids game.

2)Receivers can't bolt a brawl and bisected the time they admission into scripted moments if the brawl isn't abreast them or they will not face the QB.

3) You can't go no ataxia active the brawl because the QB keeps it and just stands there.

4) Aegis gets these bullcrap picks if they're not even searching or some linebacker makes a abominably batty interception. Like I threw a top point canyon in one bold and got best off by the linebacker on the band of scrimmage.

5) Madden still hasn't gotten rid of scripted moments. I was arena with Lemar Jackson and afterwards accepting affected I got sacked. If I looked aback at the epitomize the appropriate end who was maybe 10 yards abroad was in the sack action while accepting blocked.

I in actuality ambition to adore Madden I in actuality do but I can't. I could go on and on about the bugs I've apparent but I'd just be repeating anybody else. All bluntness I'd rather play Madden 18 because at atomic it was abundant smoother of a game.

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