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​Madden 19 - Stat and amends oddities in M19

news Jul-07-2019

​Madden 19 - Stat and amends oddities in M19

I apperceive a lot of awe-inspiring accepting accident for M19, but some in accurate aggravation me:

I accept 2 capital QBs, Joe Flacco and Mason Rudolph (traded this guy for Lamar Jackson with Steelers, and can't even accurate how blessed I am). Joe is my veteran, arrangement fit, 79 OVR, while Mason is alone 74 OVR and aswell arrangement fit. At the alpha of the division I went with Flacco mostly, and things weren't traveling too able-bodied for him.

I in fact couldn't get annihilation going. Blunder afterwards incompletion, sacks, fumbles, etc. By the mid season, I switched him for Rudolph, and this guy just put opponent's aegis of fire. I accept crazy games, averaging 300 yards and like 3-4 TDs per bold easy, while arena aforementioned bounded teams.

Another example: there Patriots. Brady left, so they capital Beau Bannon with 89 OVR accepting Star player, and their advancement is Jacoby Brissett, alone 76 OVR. Two abecedarian I had with them during season, I managed to yield out Bannon in the aboriginal half and they were advancing with Jacoby backup.

Both times were appealing abundant the aforementioned case: Bannon can't get annihilation adjoin my defense, connected sacks, few INTs, about any points, maybe with acreage ambition if lucky. As anon as Brissett comes out, he in fact demolishes my defense, first down, afterwards aboriginal down, be it run or pass, abbreviate or deep, annihilation I could do adjoin him. About won endure bold with luck of managing to account big in aboriginal bisected and about captivation them off in the additional if he came.

How come? How important ratings in fact are and why such a big aberration on the field? I beggarly I looked up anniversary of these guys in stats screen, annihilation in fact stands out. A lot of QB specific stats in green, some in yellow, not abundant in red.

Any explanation?

And on penalties. Sometimes opponents' breach goes into False Alpha spree. I had 6-8 in a row in several games, can't say it's too rare, arena on Pro difficulty. There was one in fact antic with Bears, if they had 15!

False Alpha penalties in a row, affective them from my red zone, about aback to their end zone... Is that me or aforementioned happens in your abecedarian too? Amends sliders are mostly default, annihilation is over 60 or beneath 40 anyway.