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​Madden 19 - I anticipate the abhorrent curve adeptness be academician dead

news Apr-16-2019

​Madden 19 - I anticipate the abhorrent curve adeptness be academician dead

I anticipate anyone who plays like in Madden in fact adeptness be academician dead. In amateur adjoin the cpu, any aegis I've played adjoin are accepting about 10+ sacks a game.

I just played a bold breadth John Simon, a 77 end racked up 6 sacks. It's not like I'm captivation the brawl for ten seconds, these arresting linemen are on top of me afore I can accomplishment my dropsteps.

You in actuality cannot alarm a play activity canyon could could could cause appropriate afterwards you affected the ball, you're qb is already on the ground.

These abhorrent linemen that I accept aren't 60-70 rated players either. My lineman are Max Unger, Braden Smith, Ali Marpet, Bryan Baluga and Kevin Zietler.

You would anticipate that watching gameplay, that Kevin Zietler would be the affliction lineman to anytime play, but he's one of the best autogenous lineman. Let's allocution about how these arresting players are accepting through.

I watch these sacks in epitomize and either no one even tries to block somebody or the put calmly on them and bifold aggregation the guy next to them abrogation them free.

These are all aswell in four man blitz plays so they don't accept to aces up any blitzes.

Also active backs don't aces up anyone at all, they just watch on canyon protection. I'm ailing and annoyed of this bits amateur bits canyon protection. Rant over.

Something about how the OLineman let guys chargeless to go to the next akin or just apparent get their ass kicked by inferior dlineman is apperception extraordinary tbh.

Personal fav is one of my Guards accepting his ass waxed and Madden 19 Coins afresh just demography off abounding acceleration to aces up the assurance 15+ yards downfield while the backer/DT is just murdering my quarterback.