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Jan-10-2019 Categories: news

I'm accomplishing a simulation authorization and it is aloft frustrating. I'm aggravating to clean the raiders but it's like Madden programmed them to consistently lose.

This endure analysis I got the aggregation to a 85 all-embracing (87 def 85 off) and yet somehow we accomplished in the basal ten teams (we started 1-8). I in actuality can't win in this game. Aggregate should be appropriate for me.

My online is abounding with studs, I accept a abundant two arch alive backs, the 5th and 10th best reciever in the nfl and a crazy amazing aegis yet I can never win added than 9 games.

The best almanac I can bethink was traveling 9-7 with a 78 all-embracing team.

I aswell don't apperceive why my qbs never develop. They aren't bad but they consistently end up with characterless bold administrator numbers admitting abundant rating.

I haven't had a qb bandy added than 30 TDs admitting abundant recievers (though they aswell accept befuddled beneath 10 INTs but it doesn't bulk if you can't score).

I even alive a 89 all-embracing adept but he concluded up backward with alone 24 TDs and 9 INTs.

Can anyone advice me? Any tips?

DrFloppyTitties said that, accomplish abiding you set your expectations to accomplish it to the cool bowl. I don't apperceive if there is any alternation or just placebo, but in the accomplished 8 years with my raiders, my affliction analysis was 14-2.

My arrangement %s are 86% on off and 97% on D. Idk if those accomplish your aggregation play better.

My qb is consistently top 5 in all stats, my rb is consistently top 3, my wrs are hit and absence but usually 950-1200 Madden NFL 19 Coins. My oline consistently finishes 1-5 every year( as in my rt is voted best oline, my rg 2nd best, LG 3rd best, etc.

On D I get two or 3 players with 10 sacks a year. My mlbs were both 99 at one point (I play 3-4 base) and are currently 95 and 91 anniversary at 31 yrs old.

My ovr is 98, 98 on off and 99 on D.

Idk if that advice will advice you but maybe your aggregation isn't as acceptable as you anticipate it is.

Thank you for DrFloppyTitties!