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Dec-07-2018 Categories: news

Hey guys,

Just been blame about the abstraction of starting up my own alliance and just capital to put out a advance to see if anyone is absorbed in the idea, apologetic if this gets a little bit long.

I've been a affiliate of added leagues and there are a few things that I'd like to apparatus abnormally than I usually see done. For starters, as difficult as it adeptness be, I'd like to set up something with a added even akin of competition.

While I accede myself an aloft boilerplate Madden player, I accept my limitations both in accomplishment and time.

In accomplished leagues, while I've fabricated an casual playoff run, for the a lot of allotment every alliance seems to be won by the aforementioned three or four guys who are top up in the aggressive baton boards and who just play way added than anyone else.

Personally I accept a absolute alive agenda and absolutely abandoned accept time for my 3 alliance abecedarian a anniversary and that's about it. If possible, I'd like to a ample a alliance with humans agnate to myself.

People who apperceive how to arrangement and accept appropriate stick skills, but who aren't arena hundreds of hours a month, alive abandoned YouTube gimmick plays, and ambience up 15 pre-play adjustments.

Ultimately I'd just like a aggressive accumulation who loves to aces up the bold and play it the way its meant to be played and not use micro-blitzes and AI manipulation.

The added aloft aberration I would like to see in a new alliance is for the alliance to alluringly run from one Madden to accession afterwards restarts.

Every alliance I accept been in has started with a fantasy draft, and afterwards 3-5 seasons they atom it and redraft.

Usually this is in allotment to animate new players to accompany the alliance due to assured turnover, but it would be alarming to accept a alliance of humans committed continued appellation to absolution a alliance run for as abounding seasons as we can afore the next Madden drops.

I feel like this would add new and absorbing ambit to the bold like accepting to in fact administer bacon cap and authoritative approaching abstract picks added important.

Other than that I anticipate a lot of of my thoughts would be appealing standard, bureaucracy a alliance groupme chat, altercate and vote on accurate rules above-mentioned to the alliance startup, and hopefully accept a lot of Madden 19 Coins fun.

Also, if anyone is already in a alliance agnate to what I alarm and it happens to accept an aperture amuse let me know, thanks!