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Feb-10-2019 Categories: news

Are there any acceptable YouTubers for any of the Madden games? I'm picky, so watch out! Basically, any time I seek these amateur on YouTube, I get a agglomeration of channels who anticipate they're sports commentators.

Well, they adeptness in actuality be sports commentators but I don't care. I don't apperceive annihilation about absolute football and I'm affronted of not accepting able to see their decisions as they accomplish them. Essentially, actuality are my requirements:

1, Live commentary. I don't beggarly livestreams, I beggarly humans who almanac all of their decisions as they accomplish them as against to just dubbing their articulation over their replays. I ambition to see their abstract picks or play picks and all that applesauce as against to just a highlight reel. Account credibility for talking in first-person and not like they're in the abuse booth.

2, One of the singleplayer modes. Multiplayer is no fun to watch unless the added amateur is accouterment annotation at the aforementioned time.

3, In actuality acknowledgment their decisions, added explained in the next point.

4, In actuality acknowledgment the game/mechanics. I don't own the game, and I'm not a huge football fan. I don't accord a bits about any acclaimed players and couldn't acquaint you who ANYONE (yes, in actuality anyone) played for even if my activity depended on it. I would like for them to accept I'm a noob. If you're apprehensive why I'm even interested, it's because I like the abstraction of the game. I couldn't affliction beneath who is in actuality arena it appropriate now, and if all the teams were randomized or had fabulous players I wouldn't even apprehension or care.

This is apparently a lot to ask, but it's such a basal adeptness shock to attending for a playthrough of any of these amateur that even center resembles a playthrough of any added game. It's just so altered the way YouTubers play and commentate, I consistently get absent aural seconds.

Sorry for any mistakes or aberrant sentences. I just drank a four loko afterwards accepting affronted analytic for such a playthrough.