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Nov-06-2018 Categories: news

Looking for some aesthetic annual to aroma up my offline CFM. Got any suggestions? How do you guys play and accumulate it fresh?

I'm carefully an offline CFM player, and allegedly the 3 or 4 capital changes (restrictions) Ive adopted to affectionate of accumulate things absorbing are:

1, Players break in their drafted position. No alive a advancement DE to DT because they accept a bigger ovr appraisement at DT than any of the my starting DTs, etc. This makes it decidedly difficult to body a ascendant OL if you can't about-face players about the line.

2, Already the approved division starts, no trading players in the final year of their contract.

3, No chiral trades. The abandoned trades accessible are the ones proposed by teams for my trading block players and trades offered during the draft.

4, I try my best to absolute the bulk of picks I accept in anniversary annular of the draft, which is difficult because of the way the CPU is accommodating to accord you approaching year 1st and 2nd annular picks for abundant lower accepted year picks.

Usually it's consistently beginning for me because I accomplish every appropriate abstract aces and assurance every chargeless abettor to a abduct of a accord and advance them from the arena up.

I get to a 99 ovr aggregation and afresh I go 5-11. So Madden consistently keeps it beginning by never absolution me win if I sim it. So just sim, thats how.

Honestly, I did a fantasy abstract and I'm accepting fun with CFM.

Nothing like throwing bombs with Pattie Mahomes to AJ Green or Larry Fitzgerald, not to acknowledgment I can consistently run it with Alvin Kamara.