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​FortNite - Why authoritative StW chargeless would ruin the playerbase

news Apr-10-2019

​FortNite - Why authoritative StW chargeless would ruin the playerbase

1, So everybody knows how you can acquire V-Bucks in StW, right? They alteration to BR, which would put Ballsy Amateur in a massive accumulation loss.

2, Scammers: already there are bags of little 7 year olds who scam. Imagine what it would be like if they didn't acquire to abduct mummy's acclaim agenda to play?

3, AFKers and beneath collapsed player: already annoying, and now missions in Plankerton and Stonewood will be impossible! (Yes, i apperceive there is braid peaks, but some levels are acceptable for agriculture and dont yield abundant accomplishment to complete) This'll apparently get heavily downvoted, but i'm just pissed that they eventually will accomplish it free.

Something big needs to change. The issues go appealing deep.

Right now, V bucks can acquirement acutely altered things in the altered modes:

- BR: cosmetics, emotes, action passes (for cosmetics, rewards, etc.), action canyon tiers

- STW: x-ray llamas, unslot accumulating book items, (anything else?)

In BR, V bucks are for fun things and acquire a adequately simple to accept bulk proposition. Complete Money = Something Fun or desirable. (Personally, I've spent about $60 on action passes and funny/bonkers banknote and emotes.

Aforementioned with my daughters who allotment an account.)

In STW, as it stands, V bucks MIGHT advice you advance through the game. You ability eventually get something you wish or need. Meanwhile, there's bags of added in-game coins and resources, like gold, accident tickets, change resources, etc. All of those can aswell advice you advance through the game. It's all abundant added complex, with V bucks accepting just one allotment of the all-embracing system.

Obviously, BR has accurate in fact successful. Yes, for abounding reasons, Fortnite Items but the artlessness of what you get for your complete money has actually helped it succeed. All that money for things that do in fact annihilation to advice you accomplish at the bold (other than inherent appearance of a derma like visibility).

If STW keeps a in fact altered agency of monetization than BR, afresh the arrival of new players will feel even added disorientated and confused.