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Mar-11-2019 Categories: news

Since I'm accepting some absolute feedback, actuality are some added ideas, this column will be edited if something new appears (leave your suggestions guys):

To fit this in the STW story, we could accept some dialogues from Ray talking about how they begin this island that's not in fact taken by the storm yet, afterwards some quests award locations to body a action (travel) bus, LTB would be afar and our guys would allegation to analysis and assay this island to see if we can assure it in a added able way (doing our accepted missions)

Bandits from "Stolen loot" could be "the aboriginal step" abaft a big angry association that "accidentally" created the storm, while the Vindetech association was their "rivals" alive on a agnate technology but for acceptable things.

Using BR map would accessible a big befalling for added adventure / characters with new heroes and survivors.

Stolen boodle could accept some variations, like retrieve the boodle AND escape with it (Van bold mode, anyone?), while escaping, you allegation to avert yourself from hordes of crust and new bandits.

Also, bandits castles allegation to be able and they allegation to be programed to abort your ramps / walls with rpgs / atomic weapons, so arresting yourslef architecture is an advantage but your architecture action abilities will not accomplish it easier.

About the mission respawn:

Since the map is huge, we can accept some aberration of "drone" missions...

1, Lars

This approach would spawn one van mission and already it is finished, Lars would spawn afresh allurement for a "refuel" some time later.

2, Retrieve The Data

The airship from RTD would artlessly hover aloft the mission spawn breadth (instead of falling down), already all players vote to start, the airship starts falling.

3, Storm Chest

Storm chest's can be begin on "search" areas and already they are found, it would afford a axle of amethyst ablaze and alpha a timer, so anybody can adapt to do it.

4, Why no bluglo?

Of advance I forgot to abode bluglo icons, but that's not removed and will spawn randomly, and the aforementioned is accurate for "bluglo" activities.

5, Added activities

We could accept a allotment of the map (maybe the spawn island) breadth players can arctic about (like a cat-and-mouse lobby**)**, do official trades (epic need's to accomplish this system) and do ball parties with our new locker emotes.

Players on spawn island do not calculation on LTB advance and will not acquire rewards if a mission on the capital island is finished. They will not calculation as "active players" either, Fortnite Items for sale so we could accept X players on the map and X on the spawn island (restricting they hero loadouts and all that things that accomplish stw complex, the spawn island players abandoned need`s to bulk their banknote and emotes, already the abecedarian accompany the capital island, the bold will bulk the blow of it.

Please upvote this animadversion and leave your sugestions so i can add it here.