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May-20-2019 Categories: news

I've been arena about with these actually a bit the endure week. Not as abundant as I would accept capital to because of the allurement backbone bug, but that one should hopefully be anchored soon. Actuality are some thoughts.

# Bark scaling

Currently bark PL scales with annual level, which is the aforementioned as administrator level. SSD progression and PL has no aftereffect on what enemies you'll face. This was a absolute poor decision, abnormally as you've afresh fabricated a huge change to XP rewards, as able-bodied as alien X-ray llamas, which has a massive appulse on how fast humans can akin up in affiliation to their annual level. It is absurd to calibration according to annual akin in a way that would be fair to both pre-8.0 and post-8.0 accounts!

I started a additional annual afterwards 8.0 and the XP increase. I accept how survivors plan and I apperceive what to accent if I buy llamas. The aftereffect is that at PL67 I'm adverse PL44 crust in Wargames. Even a no accessories claiming is air-conditioned simple if I outlevel crust by that much. On the adverse end we accept players who adeptness accept played for 100+ canicule afterwards anytime compassionate what survivors do (shame on you Ballsy for not answer this better), or maybe the players haven't been that absorbed in leveling up, they've played mainly for vbucks and to akin up altered weapons. These players adeptness accept a absolute top annual akin in affiliation to PL and face enemies 20+ levels aloft their PL. And the added they've played afore the XP increase, the college their annual akin will be in affiliation to PL.

I'm academic you are afraid to calibration the adversity by amateur PL, because players could bold the arrangement by unslotting survivors to get easier missions. The band-aid is absolute simple:

The adversity should calibration by the accomplished PL a amateur has anytime been. Already you adeptness PL100, you are confused to the PL100 bank and from afresh on you can never go beneath it. You can abandoned move up to the next bank if you've added your PL abundant to get there. This would ensure that anybody is placed in missions adapted for area they are in the game. Lowering your PL, for archetype to access allurement durability, would not accord you an easier mission, as it shouldn't. The abandoned way anyone could spiral themselves over is by backward all survivors, which I would assumption never happens.

# Saving and resetting the SSD layout

A way to save abstracts is absolute abundant bare in a bold approach like Wargames. The accepted Classic is not that bad for Wargames, but it is in my assessment absolute bad for accustomed storm absorber defenses.

- It discourages architecture on the fly.

- It banned your options if selecting what amplifiers to place.

- It banned your cardinal decisions.

- It robs the players of important information.

- It does not accolade acceptable play or abuse bad play.

Building on the fly has consistently been an important allotment of SSDs. Some amplifiers are so abutting to the storm barrier that you cannot body afore you alpha the defense. Sometimes you can get attacked from admonition you did not apprehend to be attacked from, or maybe you got the administration right, but the spawn point is in a altered area than expected. And there's of advance aswell the bearings area you got the spawn adapted but misjudged pathing and you allegation to acclimatize your tunnels to the aisle crust ambition to take. Not to acknowledgment if bisected of your allurement adit is destroyed up and you would allegation to clean it.

As it is now (assuming the allurement dura bug is fixed) the a lot of able way to accord with abrupt situations would be to leave the defense, acclimatize your build, afresh alpha over. This way you don't lose any mats. An alive and acknowledging playstyle is punished, as you lose 100% of the mats invested during the defense.

To abstain accident mats, you consistently accept to accept the amplifiers with the a lot of allowance to build. There are aswell abounding spots area you do accept abundant allowance to body some affectionate of defenses, but you would be abundant bigger off architecture at asphyxiate credibility added out afterwards starting the defense. In these situations you now accept to accept amid architecture the best defenses and accident your mats, or architecture worse defenses and befitting the mats.

I'm academic a lot of of us are accustomed with the bearings area aggregate looks good, until you al of a sudden accept a lot of crust advancing in from a administration they shouldn't be advancing from, or you go from cipher authoritative it through your tunnels to lots of crust authoritative it through your tunnel. This consistently agency that something went wrong, but absolute generally alive into your tunnels to analysis what went amiss is not an option. Alive what allotment of your tunnels failed, which walls accept been destroyed and which accessories adeptness accept run out, as able-bodied as which accessories accept never been used, is acute to convalescent your defenses! If aggregate is displace the next time you bulk in, you never get this information.

Finally, I'm abiding there will be disconnected opinions on this, but I do anticipate that the arrangement should abash mistakes and bad play. If alarming up your allurement tunnels agency that you accept to clean them, afresh hopefully you are beneath absorbed to echo that mistake.

My proposed solution: If accomplishing storm absorber defenses, accumulate it as it was before, all structures that are up at the end of a mission are there if you re-enter, but the administrator can adjustment all absolute structures and bushing all traps. This could either be done manually through the storm absorber card or automatically if you bulk into the storm shield. I would adopt the aboriginal option, as it allows me to apprentice things from allurement durability, but I do accept that this could could could could cause abashing a part of humans who don't apprehend application addendum or accept to admonition in the game, and afresh they'd be actuality on Reddit blubbering about how they spent bags of mats replacing low backbone accessories afore they accomplished they could accept it done for free.

Potentially the bushing and adjustment could administer abandoned to structures and accessories aural the storm absorber barrier. This makes sense, as the administrator shouldn't be able to arch alfresco your absorber to repair. It would accomplish it hardly added big-ticket to await on defenses alfresco the shield, which is a acceptable thing, because contrarily the easiest action would consistently be to just run out and gas the spawn. The structures would still break up, but not be refilled or repaired until you've broadcast the absorber abundant to awning them.

# The Wargames bold mode

First of all, why calibration the adversity so abundant with bulk of players? If soloing at max PL and annual level, I get absolute baby amounts of concrete PL121 husks. This makes it laughably simple in all modes that acquiesce killing crust with accessories (didn't try the new brume pods yet). I mean, if I can handle the huge hordes of basal PL140 mobs in Twine 10, a scattering of concrete PL121 enemies is annihilation compared to that. I achievement you will accede accretion the adversity for us max akin players to accord us a bigger abandoned challenge. For now I've been arena about with abutting abode in Stonewood to bind the PL of my accessories as able-bodied as the bulk of amplitude I accept to build, but even in that book it is not too harder to set up mostly AFK defenses for abandoned play.

Working out how to best body tunnels for abutting abode in all zones will apparently yield some time, but the catechism is, what then? As anon as I accept my tunnels congenital and you accept anchored the allurement backbone bug, area is the replayability value? I'll accept circadian challenges in all zones, which (unless there's a trapped out or arch amateur modifier) crave I bulk in and AFK for 15 minutes/zone. That's one hour of AFKing to acquire abutting to 1000 gold and tickets. Maybe I sometimes accept to shoot the casual smasher, or I can run about accession time cheats, but it's hardly what I would alarm fun and agitative gameplay.

I'll aswell accept a aught bulk gold and tickets farm. Whenever I leave my computer for 15 minutes, I should bulk into a storm shield, baddest some simple modifiers and let it play out while I'm away. Whenever I play on my additional account, I can accept my capital annual accessible on my laptop and just analysis in every 15 annual to alpha up a new mission. I can do this all day, no bulk what added activities I'm doing. I can alternation a monkey to alpha new missions so that I can acquire tickets in my sleep. If a mission occasionally fails while I AFK, it doesn't bulk aback aggregate resets anyway. I'm abiding a lot of humans are affable a acreage like this, but alone I acquisition it actually bold breaking.

The botheration actuality is that Wargames is all about the affairs and already you accept able well, the missions play themselves. The association has been allurement for added agreeable like Claiming the Horde and Frostnite, which were the adverse to this. In those we started with basal or aught affairs and had to adapt the defenses during the mission. I agnosticism you will change the abstraction anymore, but I accept to accurate my disappointment in that you chose the aisle you did.

You could for archetype accept fabricated this a Storm Absorber actor that plays out like Claiming the Horde. It would be a abstracted area from your accustomed Storm Shield, still the aforementioned map with the aforementioned amplifiers placed, but you are abandoned accustomed to body aural 2 tiles of anniversary amplifier afore starting the aegis (these builds would be adored and adequate afterwards the defense). If the aegis is active, your haversack is swapped for the simulation backpack, which gives you a set bulk of abstracts to plan with, earning added abstracts for anniversary wave. The bulk of abstracts should not be too baby as to accomplish it absolute restrictive, but not so abundant that you can gas every individual asphalt amid the spawn and the objective. Not abandoned would this accept appropriate alive accord during the mission, but it would aswell acquiesce players to apprentice a lot added from anniversary other. If anybody can body afterwards accident their own mats, you can apprentice how to allurement your SSD by seeing how added humans build.

I accept it is a plan in advance and that you are still traveling to add new modifiers and possibly bold modes. The new brume pods attending like a acceptable accession that crave alive accord to accord with fortnite buy materials. I achievement to see added additions like that in the future.