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Jul-13-2018 Categories: news

A acquaintance of abundance has told me to column this on reddit and see if anyone is able to admonition me out:

Okay, so I've been arena fortnite aback afore it started to become accepted (and if anybody was abandoned absence skins), and I acquire appealing attenuate collections on my annual (gliders and emote wise).

I never in actuality acquire bought the action canyon until division 4, which I now kinda affliction because a anniversary afterwards my annual my banned for "suspicious activity." I purchased the vbucks through the ps4 abundance with the bulk I had larboard ($10), never acquire I asked for a refund.

On top of that, I didn't play for a accomplished anniversary due to work. The day afore I got banned, I bullwork to bolt up and accomplishment the aboriginal two weeks of challenges. Woke up the next day banned.

I emailed ballsy amateur and capital to apperceive for what acumen I was banned for and they said the aforementioned thing, "suspicious action or chargeback" which was off because the abandoned time I in actuality purchased was for the division 4 action pass.

So I was patient, and waited for ballsy amateur to acknowledgment to my email- took a little over a week. I talked to the "person" who was allowance me and it didn't get anywhere because they took awhile to reply, AND they were adage the aforementioned affair over and over again.

Eventually, my admission got escalated and I had to adjournment best to get a reply. While I waited for my escalated admission to get a respond, I went and analysis the forums to see if anyone has been accepting the aforementioned botheration as I was.

I even abutting a fortnite animosity babble and discussed about my botheration to see if anyone was able to accord some advice. It turns out a brace of humans was banned for the aforementioned acumen as I did, but they were able to get their annual unbanned because ballsy amateur took awhile to acknowledgment to their escalated admission and did it as an apology.

I asked them how continued it took them for epic's to acknowledgment and they said ten days. I didn't get a acknowledgment until a ages later. They apologized for demography a continued time to reply, but they didn't unban my account.

Instead they just told me that there was annihilation abroad they could do and about shut me off if I asked if I could at atomic acquire the data on why in actuality I was banned because apprehensive action was too ample of an annual for me by adage the aforementioned affair exact affair as the accepting who "helped" me out afore my admission was escalated.

They wouldn't even unlink my beat prime, ps4 account, etc from my banned account. Now, division 5 is starting and I still acquire yet gotten explanations and replies from Ballsy amateur that isn't a bot. It's been two months now.

I apperceive that some will say "oh you abandoned spent $10, why are you authoritative it such a big deal?"

Like I get it's abandoned $10, but it's the actuality that I acquire some things on that annual that I can apparently never get afresh makes me agitated about it.

If anyone can admonition me out or acquire some advice, let me know. Thank you for those who took the time to apprehend this and here to buy Fortnite items.