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Nov-30-2018 Categories: news

Small Quality of Activity changes that would REALLY advance the game.

First off, EPIC, you're accomplishing well; the contempo application shows you accept some investment in STW, and mechanically, the bold is sound. Solid "A-" as of now. But just a few tweaks can actually advice out:

1, Adjust the DPS appraisement to agency in reload times, blow size, and analytical hits. I'd column the formula, but I'm lazy.

2, Add the China Shop advantage to Bull Rush automatically, and accomplish the new China Shop advantage admission the abstracts from charging. Bull Rush needs the love.

3, In any way, shape, or form, add abandoned rewards based off in-game action. Bonus credibility if it's gold-related. I actually accept that anybody accepting the aforementioned rewards is the basis could cause of AFKing. It wouldn't even bulk if it was a collapsed 20 Gold per 1000 credibility in any category.

4, Remove all accidental time banned from missions. Forcing a minimum 20-minute breach for about every mission sucks.

5, Remove the end antechamber delay. Fifteen abnormal of nonsense.

6, Adjust the Gold/Silver bulk of Triple and Seven-in-one Llamas. If every llama central a Triple llama had the abandoned adventitious to go silver/gold, it would go silver/gold 50% and 15% of the (total) times. It does not. And for seven-in-1? 80% and 30%.

7, Accumulate all bracket reskins at 1600 Gold, until you acquaint a derma locker. Why am I paying abounding bulk for Dim Mak Igor? Be real, here.

8, Reduce Sniper Extermination adventure to 200 kills. It's harder to get kills with it.

Individual rewards sounds acceptable but I anticipate to actually activity AFK you charge to lock the capital mission rewards abaft some 'contributing to the objective' meter, Fortnite Items for sale contrarily humans can still do annihilation and get their vbucks, and these are the affectionate of humans who apparently wouldn't affliction about added gold.