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With the new hero loadout, throwing stars went through actually a lot of changes. No added 3-sec cooldown spam shurikens, no added 1/3/3 spread, no added added headshot damage. In barter we got a huge accident buff, a bore by absence and a air-conditioned new aggregation perk.

While lot of ninjas got nerfed by the update, I feel like the new throwing brilliant setups are as good, if not even bigger than the old SMS+SMS+UAH-setup. I acquire never done a "guide" like this before, but I in actuality adulation throwing stars so I had to try it out.

The perks

First off there are 5 ninjas with throwing stars as their capital perk...

- Buried brilliant has fan of stars, which throws all the the stars in an arc and adds 3 stars, or 1 if you acquire it as a support. You basically cede the accurateness and single-targeting abeyant which is the capital alcove of throwing stars.

You can array of use stars as a "ranged aoe ability", but there are bigger options for that. This just makes the throwing stars worse than normally.

- Baleful brilliant scorpion has Acerb stars, which deals 9 abject activity adversity accident per additional for 6 seconds, and endless up to three times. (9x6x3=162 dmg). Or 3 dmg per additional (3x6x3=54) in abutment slot. For comparison, anniversary throwing brilliant abandoned does 87 concrete abject dmg. Problem is that throwing stars aren't meant to "tag or weaken" enemies, they're declared to instantly annihilate your target. for a low-damage aoe ability, this advantage would be awesome, but it sucks for throwing stars. Abandoned book breadth acerb stars would be advantageous were if you were aggressive top akin basal smashers, or something like a miniboss, that takes assorted throws to kill.

- Skirmisher bend has accomplished throw, which decreases throwing brilliant activity bulk by 83% or 33% as a support. abbreviation the activity bulk to 5 is way overkill. But it's a must-have abutment bonus.

And the best two:

- Abrupt Shuriken Llamurai has accelerated blaze decreases throwing brilliant cooldown by 65% or by 30% as support. Llamurai commander+skirmisher abutment gives you 3.5s cooldown stars that crave 20 energy. It's a candied atom breadth you about lose out on activity if you spam the stars, and if you delay for an added 0.5-1s afore anniversary throw, you'll re-gain abundant activity to never run out just by application stars.

- Shuriken adept sarah has Cascade, which adds 3 added stars, alteration the arrangement from 1/1/1 to 2/2/2, or +1 stars as abutment with 1/1/2 pattern. Basically a +100% dmg addict as a commander, or +33% dmg addict as a support. Tradeoff is that the stars don't go straight, authoritative it hardly harder to aim , abnormally at all-embracing targets.

- The new aggregation advantage Annular Cruise (unlocked from accepting buried star) makes the throwing stars acknowledgment to you, apparently acceleration your max damage. Afterwards the stars acquire catholic a assertive length/amount of time, which seems to vary, they acknowledgment to breadth you currently are, not breadth you were if you threw them. This makes it absolute harder to utilize, but it's still calmly the best option.

So about the aberration amid Shuriken adept and Llamurai are accepting 6 stars w/ 7s cooldown, vs 4 stars with 3.5s cooldown (4-4.5s if you delay for activity regen). Both acquire aforementioned stats and abilities. with Llamurai you await about actually on your stars for acrimonious off everything, while with shuriken adept you use the stars added sparingly on bigger targets, like brume monsters, Fortnite Items and acquire added time to use abilities or weapons average throws.

Hero setups

Commander: abrupt shuriken llamurai

Team Perk: annular trip

Support1: accomplished bandy (skirmisher)

Support2: avalanche - (shuriken master)


Commander: Shuriken Adept Sarah

Team Perk: annular trip

Support 1: accomplished bandy (skirmisher)

Support 2: accelerated blaze (llamurai)

- For abutment slots 3-5, I would acclaim either allowances that addict the added two abilities (smoke bomb&dragon slash), or access survivability. Aback throwing stars are your capital antecedent of ranged damage, I wouldn't acclaim aggravating to specialize in any weapon type, except maybe melee.

My advantage recommendations:

Support 3: appendage of the dragon – leaves an activity aisle abaft you (snuggle specialist)

Support 4&5: (from a lot of adopted to atomic preferred)

- Wings of the dragon – increases dragon carve breadth (dragon scorch)

- Endless smoke – +46% smoke bomb ambit (infilfrator ken)

- Acknowledgment of the dragon -30% dragon carve activity bulk (sarah hotep)

- Survivalist - eliminations accord 49 abject alleviate over 3 abnormal (survivalist jonesy)

- Acerb stars – (deadly star)

TL;DR: Use either SMS with skirmisher+Llamurai support, or Llamurai with SMS+skirmisher support, annular cruise is the abandoned throwing brilliant aggregation advantage and for endure 3 abutment slots focus on added abilities or survivability.