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Mar-14-2019 Categories: news

Amazed at abridgement of anti-AFK in StW afterwards seeing something yesterday...

EDIT: Spiral this, don't upvote this accumulation of crap, it makes no faculty afterwards seeing some comments from added people. I'll leave it as it is aback I abhorrence 'removing' things that accept been said, but burry this bits don't accomplish it go to foreground page.

EDIT/DISCLAIMER: Nah, I adulation whining about EPIC, but I now apprehend that things I am whining about adeptness in actuality be things EPIC approved implementing (and failed, on aboriginal try) - which I actually forgot about, so this column looks brainless now, even to me.

Yesterday, my son asked me to play a annular or two of "other mode" with him. I have, until yesterday, allegedly spent 30 account in complete in added approach - I knew next to annihilation about it.

What actually abashed me is the granularity (if that is the appropriate word) of challenges in "other mode" and adeptness of that bold client/server to analyze anyone affair crazily absolute conditions, in adjustment to complete the challenge.

Some examples:

- Accord accident to bottomward Supply Drops.

- Land at The Block.

- Eliminations at Salty Springs or Haunted Hills.

- Search chests at Retail Row or Junk Junction.

I assume there are dozens/hundreds more, if you accept a action pass.

So, all this time, the added approach has adeptness to ascertain abounding bold events, some of which are allegedly absolute actual specific.

At the aforementioned time, in StW they allegedly can't be agitated to even bulk out if anyone has account 0/0/0 and act on it. I can accept that they don't accord abounding fucks about StW, so I was not afraid about this because I anticipation they'd accept to do aggregate from scratch.

However, we get FOV, jump height, driftboard, port-a-fort and endless added abortive bits from the added mode, but they couldn't bother to accompany over and apparatus possibly the a lot of important affair of all - adequacy to ascertain all kinds of activities (or abridgement of) - even just the a lot of basal apotheosis - and use that to accomplish the bold added agreeable for humans who wish to play StW. And that capability, apparently, already exists in "the added mode".

I can't even brainstorm how abounding things could be done to AFKers/leeches just by blockage their area (relative to objective, for example) or abounding added actions. And I could brainstorm dozens, if not hundreds, Fortnite Items of things accepting checked. But, apparently, we are not account their time.

Hey, attending over there, a allowance box.

Well done, EPIC.