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Feb-12-2019 Categories: news

Honestly, its time. How about do you accompany missions and find:

- AFKers (either abounding destroyed or partial)

- Humans agriculture while blank the objective

- Humans just apparent accomplishing little to annihilation (Building/Trapping/Shooting/Finding objectives)

It's time to accolade those who put in all the accomplishment in missions by advantageous them more. This would at atomic be an simple to apparatus band-aid that would abate some of the issues listed above. Commutual a mission should accord fractional reward, the blow of it should be based on your addition to commutual the objective. If you don't advice build, trap, or blaze your weapons, afresh you should get beneath of a reward. It's time to apparatus a arrangement that uses absolute accretion to adviser humans to try harder instead of the accepted meta: do less, get the same.

You should not accept to accept clandestine missions to abstain arena with people, this bold should be accessible and you should be able to accommodated new accidental humans by arena accessible games. The actuality that I play 80% of my amateur as accompany or clandestine and Fortnite Items just run them abandoned over arena with others due to the aloft is acceptable appalling.

On top of this, its time to fix missions:

- Acquiesce Retrieve the Data to be started aboriginal via vote (should not accept to delay 8 annual to alpha if you don't wish too)

- Acquiesce Survivor and Radar missions to be completed if aggregate is finished.

- Acquiesce Evacuate the apartment to be skipped by vote afterwards the aegis if you are accessible (again accept to delay 8 annual for no reason)

- 4x Missions Gold needs to be increased, in allegory to a accustomed mission + 1 adversity bang you acquire added gold per time.

- Added advantage up rewards on 4 amateur missions, goes days/weeks sometimes afore a 4x advantage up rolls.

- Abandoned allegorical schematics/heros/people should be on mission alerts in Twine, ballsy in Canny Valley, etc (this helps advance humans to advance to twine, gives them a goal)

- Abolish all crafting absolute from mission rewards period, its a behemothic determinant.