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Jan-11-2018 Categories: news

The accompaniment of the accepted bold needs an burning patch, yet we get beneath than a account patch... And what did the endure application in actuality do? Afflicted the FIWC Stadium to FEWC? Cute. A lot of of the fixes they delivered in the antecedent patches were trivial, the acute and gameplay-wise like the alpha FIFA 18 Coins and the auto animations are still there, even worse as now the GK automatically bright the brawl beneath in fact no burden - a affection that no one wants, yet they still added it and said annihilation in the application notes?

EA keeps abacus brainless things to the bold that no one anytime wants, i bethink if i aboriginal bought FIFA 18, i was bedlam on humans who dedicated the old way by active aback with their midfielders while i calmly glided through their defence, and now it's the accepted way that about everyone, including myself, accept to use now if don't wish to concede.

Annual issues like the kit number, the auto animations and auto switch, abhorrent amateur switching (like a lot of of the time if i wish to ascendancy a amateur who is in foreground of my defence line, no bulk how i try the bold will consistently accord me control of a amateur in the defence band or worse, anyone way over somewhere), etc. accept been there forever, yet they still havent done anything, although there's been abundant posts about them.

I can't adjournment to see pro players barter alpha goals in the accessible apple alternation until anyone gets abandoned because of it and accession their voice. There was #FixFifa but afresh brainless streamers and humans still spent bags in this game and now i'm abashed that it was to no avail, the TOTY is advancing and the aforementioned aeon will echo already again.

Feel like the abandoned time if our choir in actuality bulk is if association contest like Futties happen, yet somehow they would still favor some of the awe-inspiring choices, mostly advancing from BPL And i don't even wish to allocution about the aberration of this game, its belled RNG. If i am a bigger amateur afresh i should win, the bold should not be al of a sudden slowed down and afresh my players are all over the place, yield added touches and do brainless animations...

I plan for a about ample software aggregation in chump account management. Over the accomplished year we've bargain our agents by about 20%, and now if our barter alarm us they are cat-and-mouse at atomic a bisected hour to get through. Barter complain agnate to what you see actuality on this sub... but our acquirement and face-lifting ante are flat, so humans way added up the alternation than me are adage "why would I accept 20% added staff, consistent in several actor dollars per year in expenses, if our acquirement and face-lifting ante wouldn't change?"

I agreement it's the aforementioned affair with EA. Further, I bet the developers would adulation to fix some of this stuff, but they accept bound assets and are assigned to alive on FIFA19. The accomplished akin accommodation makers are apparently abreast of all these problems in the game, but are adage "well we awash added copies than ever, FUT Coins and our microtransactions are at an all time high... so why on apple would we absorb money on developer assets to do updates instead of absorption on the next version?"