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FIFA - Traore got a MOTM endure week

Fellaini is apparently the best of the agglomeration tbh. Dunno but whenever I acclimated his NIF agenda he was a barbarian (although was low on backbone appear the end of the game).

Yeah I acclimated him and wanyama for about 50 amateur at the alpha of the year. Aside from backbone and acid he was incredible. Looks like this agenda improves on both of those stats so it should be incredible.

Have to say that scream Fellaini during Halloween weekend's boosts was apparently the best midfielder I anytime played with this year.

I absence that scream fellaini agenda so much, he got me aristocratic for the aboriginal time! i achievement they accompany aback the scream cards for one added weekend!

Ajax's aboriginal final in 21 years, with an boilerplate age of about 22...The complete aboriginal aggregation earns beneath than Pogba alone...IMO we deserve atleast a MOTM but in actuality a hero card. Sanchez and Onana were abundant and Dolberg denticulate a complete goal.

Traore got a MOTM endure week, you can't apprehend your aggregation to lose 3-1 and for the players to get a agenda for arena bad.

You can't candidly acquire that an Ajax amateur adapted a appropriate agenda afterwards the bold adjoin Lyon. If anyone should acquire got a MOTM it would acquire been Lacazette for 2 goals. Ajax played absolute bad that game.

The Madrid bold was a altered adventure and Isco was one of the bigger players that game, he got the MOTM because it finer dead the tie.

Lol, you didn't watch the Ajax game, did you? Ajax bedeviled the complete aboriginal half. The amends was such a brainy shock that they in actuality gave it away.

I watched the additional half, and it was a abhorrent achievement IMO, and you said it yourself afterwards the amends they gave it away. Madrid never 'gave it away' they were consistently in ascendancy to an extent.

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