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Jan-12-2018 Categories: news

Last 2 years anybody was accusatory about TOTY accepting carefully La Liga based. That was based on the players who in actuality adapted it bar a few ones who didn't.

Now it is up to you to FIFA 18 Coins vote and adjudge who will get in the TOTY and humans are still accusatory about the bulk of EPL players. TOTY players are not declared to be bargain so you either absorb big or stick to NIFs.

I don't accord a aerial F' about TOTY really... I'm still traveling to stick with my Icons... but I do anticipate EA busted the pooch on this.

Yes.. they in actuality f'd a dog. They should accept done the aboriginal starting 11 that won, and afresh had a bank that was association voted... so simple, yet a big change too.

Really would accept absorbed things. They could accept even done SBCs for the bank that yes, would be big-ticket as hell, but afresh you accept your absolute own toty amateur and acquainted included in the bigger accident of FUT.

Yes they're accomplishing association voting... but who knows how abundant weight EA's 40% in actuality carries.

They could accept one aggregation to represent their choice, and afresh the community's best (60%) is adulterated with so abounding altered agreeable creators and their communities voting.

Unless the association rallied and all voted absolutely the same, EA wins and they will accept what best helps them aka, what makes the a lot of money.

EA affectionate of taunt negativity with the way they handle bold agreeable and announcements. A lot of companies like to be predictable, so annual contest will be aforementioned thrend as endure year, but with added features. Predictability keeps barter happy, because you apperceive what to expect.

When EA don't wish to be preditable, it affectionate of hurts peoples expectations. You can hardly accusation anyone for searching advanced to TOTY if it was announced.

People had already players in mind. In the apperception of the customers, EA has now taken beggared them their adventitious of a TOTY player.

EA could accept handled it calmly by authoritative added slots, an accretion method of buy FUT Coins. Instead of a annihilative method, that removed TOTY slots. The aboriginal would accept larboard no complaints.

FYI. I agnosticism amount is even a affair of the discussion. TOTY is big-ticket either way.