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May-30-2017 Categories: news

Dear EA, I just ambition to acquaint you that TOTS is boring.

As an ardent FIFA fan, I was assured TOTS to be the accident to end all contest this year. I was assured accretion and whistles. What we've got is annihilation abbreviate of a FIFA 16 snore fest. Lightning circuit not expiring because the backpack weight is horrific, and there are so abounding backpack promos that even the a lot of affliction chargeless spender can't even accumulate the pace, this feels beneath of "The bigger accident of the year" - and added of "The bigger money spinner we achievement you abatement for".

Let's see;

FIFA 16 Had

1,Pack Promos

2,Winnable TOTS Cards

3,Minor & Aloft TOTS appear every 3-4 days.

FIFA 17 Has...

1,Pack Promos

2,Winnable TOTS Cards

3,More Backpack Promos

4,Minor & Aloft TOTS appear every 3-4 days.

5,Even added Backpack Promos.

6,A brace cheap, about advantageous TOTS Account SBC that will eventually accord out a 125k Untradable pack.

So far, that's the alone account we've got compared to FUT 16.

Sure, FUT Champs will see those who are able to attempt both through time, and through accomplishment get TOTS cards in rewards, but accurately for annual rewards, this will be a complete complete baby abridged of FUT players.

Here's what FUT 17 has had so far,

-Halloween Event

This had AMAZING features. 3 absurd SBC's with accidental position change cards (Costa, Gaspar, Payet) - and a aggregation of Screamer cards that got INSANE (TOTS LIKE!) boosts over the Halloween weekend.

-Movember Event

This was a appealing dry even all in, but some air-conditioned agenda concepts of FIFA 17 Coins and a nice Phys addition to some players.


This even was HUGE. 3x Circadian Amateur SBC's. Affordable, expensive, advantageous in general. a adequate allocation of my capital aggregation still contains some players from these SBC's. Mystery Backpack SBC, which was a appealing air-conditioned affection too.

-Ones To Watch

Awesome Promo that accustomed you to adeptness OTW cards from both the Summer and the Winter transfers. OTW Cards accept been OK year round, can be formed on for next year but all-embracing accept been a adequate year annular promo for FUT

-Lunar Event

Nice kit / accolade just for accepting logged in. Bisected bulk packs. Rooster SBC.

-St. Patricks Day

Another Promo that offered altered rewards. A bit of a rip-off, but the Pot'O'Gold SBC was a nice touch, applicable with the event, and about had some nice advertising abaft it.

-Eight Years of FUT

Daily SBC, simple to complete, appropriate rewards, chargeless 125k pack.

Full band of bequest cards that were adored over accomplished FIFAs, 3 INCREDIBLE new Exceptional SBC cards. Lots of hype.


Awesome SBC to adeptness the cards, both tradable and untradable.

-FUT Champions SBC's

Another air-conditioned affection to appoint the association through out watching the bounded event.

I'm aswell appealing abiding I've absent an accident or two on here, so abundant this year I can't bethink it all.

And then... TOTS.

1 SBC every tuesday. New cards in packs. New promo packs.