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Feb-06-2017 Categories: news

MMOGO FIFA 17 Coins - Why do you accept to use pitches that accept are bisected covered by shadows? Why would anyone wish to abide such fucking shite every game?

I can about see my players or the ball, so acknowledgment EA for your in fact air-conditioned Algidity caliginosity I fucking adulation them and a big acknowledgment to anybody that uses the pitches.

My catechism would be, why do you play those guys? You've got 40 abnormal to analysis what amphitheater they have, if you're not abiding which one it is or you apperceive that it's one with caliginosity just leave.

No one armament you to play every bold in the Stoke City Amphitheater or the San Siro.

Going to hazard a assumption that you're the aforementioned accepting that backs out based on what kit someones wearing, or what their club name is afterwards the patch?

I just wish to get into the game, not accept to bethink which stadiums are playable and which aren't. A simple band-aid - let me accept what time of day and what acclimate I play in.

The onus should be on EA, not me to accomplish their bold playable.

My eyes aching if I play on those affectionate of pitches during daytime.Have some accepted faculty and use a angle with no shadows.

I'm a Milan fan but i don't use the San Siro because of the fucking shadows, in fact that botheration has been in fifa aback like 2010 or FIFA 17 Coins something...

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