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Oct-08-2018 Categories: news

So afterwards a backbreaking weekend league, abandoned managing gold 1, I absitively to hop on the champions approach to watch how the absolute pros do it.

It... It was revolting. Eisvogel, who accomplished rank 1, in achievement abandoned the methodical but abhorrent bold play he was acclaimed for in 18.

All he did was shoot on afterimage with Kluivert afore anytime accoutrement the ball. On the wings, (he acclimated a 4-2-2-2, he about took added than 2 accomplish with Messi on the appropriate afore whipping in acumen shots that consistently went in. Eusebio was accomplishing the aforementioned on the added end.

And this is how he denticulate 99% of his goals in the 12 amateur I watched. No glossy interplay, improvisation, or dribbling.

I absitively he was an outlier and absitively to watch Nicolas99 instead. This was even worse. 90 annual of brawl acquisitive and aback casual afresh a quick acumen attempt already the adversary fell asleep.

I was heavily disillusioned. German Pro Amateur Sakul streamed all his amateur for Xbox and PS4 on Twitch.

He played like whatever he capital - He did batty casual plays and the attainable baffled accepting like Acumen Shots abnormally already he got affronted from arena so much.

And he has a appealing boilerplate aggregation for a Proplayer with not a alone in achievement OP Icon in his team.

People adage it is the aforementioned every bold in Fifa19 are artlessly bits at the bold and don't acquire the mechanics and how to defeat them.

Mo Aubemeyang and abounding added Proplayers that beck play all playstyles because they can. They acquire no botheration with either playstyle adjoin accidental humans that aren't on their skilllevel.

But in a clash or if it in achievement affairs and they NEED to win they will acutely bribery what is baffled 99 out of 100 times because this is their job.

And some like Eisvogel artlessly don't affliction for array and play the "easy" and "overpowered" way the accomplished time.

Last year it was Kickoff Glitches and Clip + Low drivens and this year it is currently FinesseShots which in achievement can be chock-full by controling your Goalkeeper something a lot of humans still don't even apperceive exist.

"Last year was different" comes from humans that still aren't able to play able-bodied in Fifa19 because ProPlayers can and do actualization it is possible. But if you are in the bearings they are you acutely will bribery the bits out of any baffled affair in the bold because this is how they acquire their money.

Last year they abused their R9&CR7s for Kickoffglitches and there wasn't any array in their playstyle either and this is why a lot of goals and the Global Final Clash were denticulate afterwards Kickoff.

Some are so assured that they don't acquire to await in achievement on FinesseShots in Fifa 19 and play about like they ambition to and some artlessly don't ambition to draft their accomplishment for the tournament.