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Aug-01-2017 Categories: news

The abandoned amplitude on FIFA 18 cards could be for accessory positions. With all the "don't panic, adjournment till tomorrow" allocution because of Henry's position, I anticipate it's accessible the abandoned amplitude could be for accessory positions! Your thoughts?

As abundant faculty as this makes I agnosticism this'll happen, this is because position change cards acquaint added packs and we all apperceive that's what EA Live for.

I'd beg to differ, if I had the stats for how abounding packs were bought or atleast "opened" if ST aggressive alone or ST Ronaldo etc I'd aback up my point but imo there is a acumen these cards to for a lot.

The should accommodate the position change arrangement to accomplish it so anniversary agenda is one position. For archetype instead of st to cf there would be 2 seperate cards for st and cf.

This would beggarly that instead of alone accepting able to change Henry amid lm, lw and lf he could accept a annual of positions that he can play in and the adapted agenda can be applied, acceptance him to be afflicted from lw to st.

Great bark imo, had an abstraction for that ages ago if I was application someone, would be sick.

Because IRL versatility is addition allotment of assertive players accomplishment set, so why not acquaint it to fut, abnormally because they accept it for players on H2H.

Don't try and acquaint me Messi can alone play RW and not through the average just as well.

Yup yup, candidly assertive it's traveling to be that, aswell makes added faculty than accepting a absolute position change to striker as it would afresh complete cheapen positions in general.

Yeah because a amateur like Ribery, who's been a accompaniment all his career, shouldn't necessarily be able to get abounding chem at ST just because of a position change card.

Exactly, and for wingers who are able to play both wings, which would be a massive asset for a amateur IRL but FIFA 18 Coins in fut isn't acknowledged.

Thats a acceptable assumption but area would chem styles go, or do you anticipate they will be removed?

I anticipate chem styles will be changed, not removed. That's just in actuality my assumption though.