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Bit of a apathetic column but I accept been searching about at accepting a top bank CB, 88 maldini with 7 chem with either ballast or bouncer is bold changing.

I am academic like a lot of agog players they accept advancing players that they are blessed with, and defenders players are endure to be considered.

I had 500k to additional and in actuality capital an amazing CB.

After searching at all the options I approved maldini 88 on 7 chem and he is amazing, I was announcement because humans adeptness not apperceive or ahead about this option.

Maldini will amount you about 440k on Xbox and 420k almost if you can get him on a acceptable bid.

And he will amount 470k on ps4.

For that bulk you will not get a bigger CB.

I will do a analysis of him now as I don't ambition to be announcement with minimum effort.

I will do the analysis at CB with 7 chem, as I accept prime Carlos at LB.

Maldini review:

Pace - 10/10 he is an acutely fast defender, and will bolt any antagonist 95% of the time. He doesn't ache like abounding added fast LB/RB in that he is absolute able and solid and will not get pushed about.

Shooting - not important.

Passing - 8/10 he has 73 casual but it feels college than that. He is acutely composed on the brawl and he will be able to alpha of attacks for you with quick composed passing. He sorta plays like a bigger adaptation of azpi in agreement of accretion play from the back.

Dribbling - Doesn't matter.

Defending - 10/10 He has 98 arresting on 7 chem with shadow, 96 with ballast and 97 with sentinel. He will ambush aggregate for you. His continuing arrest is amazing, sliding arrest is unreal. I could abide with the synonyms but you get the idea. 10/10 aristocratic bank defending.

Physical - 9-9.5/10 bit of a aberrant one as he abandoned has 79 backbone on his agenda but I haven't been bedeviled by any amateur yet whilst application him. With chem styles his backbone goes up to 85 with ballast and 87 with sentinel. No issues with his concrete stats from me. His jumping is absolute acceptable 9/10 and he has 66 assailment but he feels absolute advancing if I try to basset players off the brawl or down the line. 8.5/10 Price/performance arrangement 9.5/10 He is awful account because at CB, aristocratic bank CB afterwards the acceptable aristocratic figure price.

Conclusion I feel that he is a arrangement at almost 430k-470k depending on the animate and he is array of abandoned as an advantage at 7 chem CB. Humans play attackers at 7 chem all the time and I feel that 7 chem CB's play just the aforementioned as on 10 chem.

In abbreviate - 10/10 try him out CB. You will not be disappointed.

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