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Aug-09-2017 Categories: news

Have to accord backdrop to EA for allowance my son get aback his 85 Gabriel Jesus.

Long adventure abbreviate he said he awash the alike kit and if he went aback the Jesus was gone(I acquire a anticipation he quick awash both but he swears not).

He contacted the abutment the aboriginal time with no luck, just the accepted "cannot alter absent cards talk".

The added time I contacted them and actually fleshed it out and they said they would attending into the annual and see if they can help, even gave him a backpack in the beggarly time.

A few hours afterwards we got aback a Gabriel Jesus, it was the 78 blush agenda though. Gave abutment a quick bark afresh and they added the absolute 85 agenda in 5 annual.

Now he has 2 Gabriel Jesus Cards! At atomic they helped you afterwards sending the amiss affair in compensation, I got broken in the final of the DKT to win the OTW pack, was alone accomplishing it to get that pack.

Contacted EA abutment and the aboriginal guy I batten to said that I would accept WL qualification, 3 exceptional gold packs as advantage and the OTW pack. He said the specialists would attending at my case and forward me the OTW pack.

Next Day, I get the email adage they had added compensation, however, they added the accolade for the next DKT which was 2000 Coins and a shitty attenuate accessible backpack instead of the OTW backpack which was the accolade for the DKT

I completed.

Contacted abutment and told them about this, and they acquire been adage that I acquire been beatific compensation, and that is all they can do about it.

They accept to anticipate that the specialists looked at my case and absitively to forward me those beneath rewards, about it is accessible that they just beatific me the amiss rewards as it was the exact rewards for the next DKT.

Saying accepting like 'You acquire been beatific compensation, we can't forward more.'. If that were the case I'd be blessed for them to yield aback the 2k Coins and abolish the accessible backpack that I haven't opened from my account.

But this is allegedly not attainable for some camp alien acumen even admitting in your case they re-sent your son the absolute Gabriel Jesus.

The aberration in bulk amid a OTW backpack and a attenuate consumables backpack is massive. So annoying that FIFA Mobile Coins abutment anticipate they are adapted and I'm just aggravating to betray them out of a OTW pack.