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Nov-30-2017 Categories: news

I feel like otw investments abort 90% of humans but the added 10% accomplish a killing on it. Appealing abundant you admission to aces an antagonist because FIFA Mobile Coins adventitious of mid/def get a lot of advancement is slim. (See even Walker/Ederson has 0 upgrade, even they are playing for an amazing aggregation who is accomplishing amazingly appropriate now.)

Then alluringly on PL because that's the alliance EA/people a lot of affliction about. Afresh hopefully his administrator will play him a lot. (Like Laca for some acumen is not admired by Wenger)

And afterwards adjure he has no abrasion (poor morata/broke his form) Conclusion: Salah lol

Joke aside, yes a lot of of my OTW investment has failed. Now I am just befitting to Morata / Mbappe (recently brought) aback I adulation them and use them. And semedo who is aswell allotment of my aggregation (I don't in actuality affliction if he gets additional or not).

Might advertise Semdo, aback Mbappe agency my appropriate abut is no best La liga.

How's OTW Morata compared to added PL strikes ? Cerebration of advance on him, maybe even cover in my squad.

TBH I havn't use abundant PL strikers. Aback my aggregation is La liga (Morata allegiance advice me to hotlink him)

From application him for about 200 games. He is appropriate pace, complete acceptable dispatch if he is at abounding speed, dispatch is bit slower. Like if he is sprinting, it is harder for CB to bolt up to him, but alteration administration to lose apostle is hard.

He is able and can authority up the brawl well. Complete acceptable header. And can ability chances. Casual is fine.

I assumption abandoned weakness I feel with him is can be a bit apathetic if he is accelerating. Afterwards all he is not Martial/son/jesus.

If you ambition to advance in him I anticipate it is a acceptable idea, although Salah is allegedly safer/better.

Since Salah is on a such hot bandage and allegedly can get a TOTGS agenda from Champion League.

But I am appealing abiding Morata will get added upgrade. Conte is a acceptable drillmaster for abiding and Chelsea is a able team. He is aswell heavily relied on by the aggregation to account goals. Auto amateur if he is fit.

He is aswell architecture a in actuality acceptable hotlink to Hazard /Pedro IRL. And he will get added goals for sure.