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FIFA - Mane is the best RW

87 Mane is bits and his stats are a lie. So I had Mane a brace weeks ago because he had amazing stats. Don't get me wrong, he's appealing fast and able with solid casual but his finishing is HORRIBLE.

So I got OTW Dembele, this guy was a beast, bigger dribbler, casual acquainted about the same, acquainted faster, and finishing was bigger but just had a weaker shot of FUT Coins. This weekend I absitively to accord Mane addition go so I could fit the new Can in my team and I started missing attempt sitters again. Hopefully his TOTS performs able-bodied because his 87 is abhorrent for me.

Packed him untradeable and feel the exact same, conspicuously his finishing is and 92 backbone (99 with a finisher) is complete bs...Well he isn't the tallest or heaviest so it's barefaced why he doesn't feel 99 strength.

Mane is the best RW in the bold for me. His larboard bottom can be a let down at times but the low apprenticed shots on him are unstoppable.

I adulation him to death. I've hit assorted bMaddens from absurd angles central the box, and his larboard has been acceptable for me too. The man can not be stopped.

I got an untradable OTW way aback if (February I think) and already he upgraded to 87, he's been antic for me. He array any and every affectionate of goal, benumbed and artifice challenges that he has no appropriate to.

It's funny though, I've apparent posts like this apparently hundreds of times now. Maybe he just apparel assertive playstyles bigger than others.

I anticipate he is one of the best authentic wingers in the game. All I wish out of him is anyone who can just run appropriate at the defense, and afresh set up my striker, and he is amazing at that FIFA 17 Coins.

The few times he did absence accessible sitters for me was account the bulk of added affairs that he created, and I scored, with my STs.