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Sep-06-2018 Categories: news

From Reddit - I play music for alive and consistently attending added musicians that accept the aforementioned style. I apprentice a lot of new air-conditioned things just by watching them. I dont abduct but yield some and put it out as my own style. Because I apperceive it feels and sounds bigger to me. Now why doesnt FIFA watch PES and get some air-conditioned accepting from them? And I anticipate PES should that too and we apperceive there are some elements taken from FIFA and put beneath altered names with baby but in actuality able changes. All I apperceive the guys who authoritative FIFA are in actuality in actuality lazy, impaired, addled and tasteless humans who never play their own games.

Some examples:

1) Whenever a bold is about to start, you see the accessible aggregation bandage and you can in actuality apprehend football blame at the background. Do you apperceive what it is ? Fifa acclimated to accept this training amphitheatre appropriate afore the bold starts so you can kinda warmup your abilities or whatever. And Im talking about years and years ago and yet not fixed! LAZY !!

2) We get lots and lots of jerseys from packs and we anticipate some of them are air-conditioned and we abundance them. Now a catechism to you guys ! What if I said you could accept any jersey appropriate afore the bold starts wouldnt it be nice? The bolt is you can accept your oppenents jersey too if you abandoned like too! The aberration amid WL and this adjustment is you can still see your opponents jersey and fifa 19 coins if you dont like both of his jerseys you can go to your abundance and aces 1 for him. Now this way you wouldnt anguish about kit affray aswell wouldnt be apathetic of seeing aforementioned jerseys over and over afresh like in Weekend League. Why doesnt FIFA do this ? This would accumulate the bold acquaintance a lot added fresh.

3) Camera angles !!! I forgot the name of the amphitheater that I been amphitheatre for a connected time I should analysis out the name again. I adulation amphitheatre there because the camera bend is absolute for me. But assumption what! I play abroad and camera messes up and there is no way to get exact aforementioned bend no bulk what I do... Now amuse acquaint me how apathetic these guys are. It is so simple. If anyone wants that aboriginal absence look, put that advantage and say absolute absence or whatever. So if we wish that we aces that. I shouldnt accept to anguish about camera angles every time I play away. Aswell I would adulation to be able to aces any amphitheater appropriate afore the bold starts but it could be harder for them to apparatus to accept 2 altered stadiums for 1 match. So I skip this one.

4) Auto lunges ! The way it works is complete bullshit. Thats all I can say. Auto lunges fucked me added than helped me. Simple as that.

5) Applying affairs and all that bullshit. Just wow. Now whatever I say actuality is never gonna accomplish beneath money for EA. Why in the hell you put that animated brainless activity every time we administer a arrangement or whatever?. It doesnt even attending nice. what I would do is bandy that shitty cipher into the debris and accomplish it feel like aperture a binder on your pc. Bang and done. Simple as that. So I dont delay consistently !! Now humans adeptness say but FIFA wants you to use big affairs thats why ! now that is a babble too. I never absorb a penny on FIFA POINTS. I alpha the bold and bullwork like that. I adeptness be an OK amateur aback I play in DIV 1 but even if I started amphitheatre years ago I never bare those brownish affairs anyway. It is just apathy by EA. They did something brainless and wont yield it aback ! LOOK EXAMPLE 1 !

6) I would aswell adulation to be able to aces the time of the day appropriate afore the bold starts. Aback it is gonna be a beheld affair It can be simple to do it.

Now these are in actuality in actuality accessory changes that would in actuality accomplish me buy the bold even tho it drives me crazy. I didnt allocution about above issues about the bold because I apperceive as a actuality these humans dont play their own amateur and they apperceive they accomplish money and why change it ? And I consistently accept change should alpha with simple things.

None of my suggestions will aftereffect my opponents. They can see what they wanna see. ( kit, weather, camera angles )

You are added than acceptable to add added suggestions about accessory changes or criticize if you like. Thank you all!