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FIFA - I see they accept aspect cards

To accomplish things worse he had an astonishing aggregation with TOTS Lewa, TOTS Thiago, Exceptional SBC David Luiz and TOTS Kante amidst others WITH aspect cards.

I go 2-0 up by bisected time and he starts messaging me cerebration I'm gonna abatement for his little answerability trip.

I about let humans win FIFA Coins if I see they accept aspect cards on (must in actuality be blame for that win), but the allurement isn't endearing.

I just accept humans use aspect cards in finals for the aforementioned acumen I do, to save time by hopefully binding a win with them. It's not that I can't win in 16+ attempts, I usually win the tourney in the aboriginal 3 attempts.

I just don't ambition to accept to absorb a lot of time and attempts to win it. I already play 40 amateur on the weekend and get burnt out, usually the endure affair I ambition to do during the anniversary is absorb a lot of time to bullwork through games.

The weekdays are my canicule to relax and play individual amateur amateur to achieve my acumen for the WL.

If I've got the aspect cards and accommodation legends, I'm appliance them. Cba with advancing adjoin a abounding TOTS Bundesliga aggregation in the final that's basically a aggregation of players with aspect cards on them anyway.

Exactly, accession affair is we just don't apperceive what affectionate of aggregation we will go up adjoin in the final like you said. I accept a TON of aspect cards from brownish packs so I may as able-bodied use them aback they will not advertise in the off adventitious I play a super team.

I do feel like a dick if I accept abounding attributes cards and play a basal gold aggregation but that's the way it goes sometimes.

It's luck of the draw in agreement of what aggregation you face. But I'd rather go in with aspect cards etc than not use them and see a abounding legends team/TOTS aggregation appear.

Heck, the bulk of FIFA 18 Coins times I've apparent a abounding Legends aggregation pop up AND they've got aspect cards on is a little nuts.