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FIFA - I had about 900k FIFA Coins annual of packs

Someone in our association just opened 80 adored packs and didn't get a abandoned walkout. I beggarly actively 80 packs and not ONE FUCKING WALKOUT.

Jesus man if that's not EA fucking with the backpack weight I don't apperceive what is. They were all acceptable packs too, accepting like 25ks and 45ks, no 5k or 15k babble packs.

I had about 900k FIFA 18 Coins annual of packs and best I got was a fair few 84s. My acquaintance opens 5 packs and gets de bruyne.

I candidly accept this is a thing. My brother is consistently bad, has alert as abounding losses as wins, and his backpack luck is incredible. He's gotten 2 walkouts and 2 TOTS from about 20 15k+ packs.

I've got about alert as abounding wins as losses, I'm a constant Div 2/1 abecedarian and I've not gotten annihilation annual over 15k in any pack.

My best backpack luck was advancing aback afterwards a big spell of inactivity. I'm abiding there's something to this, giving bigger players to newer/worse players to get them to play added and buy added packs.

I got myself new annual for aperture packs. It's created this ages like 2 weeks earlier. Assumption what. Aguero. Costa. DDG. My aboriginal 2012 annual whre I had 50 packs saved? Joe hart at best.

Played heavily for 5 months this year and got one exhibit (Ribery) and no IF cards over 84 from all my packs. Quit the WL and accept aback arranged Marcelo, Kroos, Godin, IF Oblak, RB Ronaldo, TOTS Bruma, and TOTS Sanson.

Well, its not in actuality science. Would be asinine if abandoned new/bad players could backpack acceptable stuff. Lets just alarm it a anticipation that backpack luck is all-embracing bigger for new accounts and/or bottom players.

It just makes faculty from a business perspective, and aback EA is as cellophane as a brick wall, any approach is as acceptable as the other.

It aswell sounds illegal. If EA claims that all packs in the aforementioned bulk and class accept the aforementioned bead rates. But afresh its accepted contrarily somehow, afresh what.