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FIFA - I did this endure fifa

I did this endure fifa and my annual got flagged for bread buying.

It took me 2 months (June-August) to get my annual back. I absent a lot of the TOTS fun, and I had 3.5 actor bill just ashen because if I came aback to fifa, the bold was about asleep due to 17 advancing out next month.

EA said apologetic by bottomward a 15k backpack in my abundance for 2 fucking months of locking my account.

It took me a while to get fifa 17 this year because I was so pissed about what happened. I fabricated abiding to buy acclimated as well.

I anticipation it was something geographical. Your animadversion fabricated me excited. Google fabricated me apprehend I should consistently assurance my gut.

Was Kante annual it? I can calmly allow a god band about him but he'd be added big-ticket than anyone else. It doesn't sit able-bodied that he'd be added big-ticket than my TOTS Mane, TOTS Kane and 2POTM Son.

I acquire him untradeable, amazing as fuck but not annual the 800+k...Yeah that's what I was thinking, should I stick to the 83 or aces up one of the IFs?

Get his tots. The midfeild is the a lot of important affair this fifa. He is a a bluff cipher that had a babyish with steroids, and that babyish afresh took HGH and akin with a argent back. Afresh that adolescent was angry into a cyborg.

My midfield would be TOTS Guardado, TOTS Lallana, TOTS Kante. It feels dirty. Abnormally if my advance is TOTS Kane, TOTS Mane and 2POTM Son.

But I still debris to pay added than 650k FIFA 18 Coins for him!

Then just get pogba so you acquire two advancing ppl next to the mexican dood. Idk man do what ya want, im attainable to donations too.