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Jun-12-2017 Categories: news

I don't get how humans anticipate this looks great.

Right off the bat the apostle does a abhorrent continuing tackle, afresh magically switches to affective out of his activity into a bound to get possesion (which why the fuck would any complete apostle do that?)

The dejected AI backs off anon even admitting it's a chargeless 1 on 1 with the babysitter aback the defenders on the ground.

Good to see the bad ai is still there afresh I guess, breadth they put themselves in abhorrent positions for you. I assumption the bold looks adequate from here, but there's so abounding issues that looks the aforementioned as old.

Looks like the AI will not bond you out again.

Hope the arresting AI stays useless. Afresh those that can avert will be differentiated from those that can't.

This isn't the arresting ai. It's the abhorrent ai could could could cause you in actuality can't ascendancy everyone. Attending at the dejected amateur STARING at the apostle as he just abominably lunges in to accept the brawl (which is abhorrent aback it would put you in a bad spot) and the ai MANUALLY BACKS UP.

Even if you had time to about-face to that amateur the ai would accept already fucked over your adventitious to abduct it.

Defneding should absorb switching to your Centre backs and manually defending. I anticipate The Chelsea amateur switched to David Luix and manually controlled him, Carrasco wouldn't accept scored.

PES plays adequate admitting and that's what counts, it's not perfect, but it's got a lot of of the basics nailed down and is bigger than Fifa in abounding areas.

TBF I accept had bound of time with PES. And I hated it. Now the acumen I accept had bound time with it is because I hated it.

It just feels so wrong. Shots are weird. And I abhorrence all the cutscenes that yield a decade to skip.

You adeptness accept been acute the amiss button to skip as it's altered from fifa, aswell online if one amateur wants to skip something afresh it's automatically skipped, it apparently feels amiss because you are either acclimated to Fifa or FIFA 17 Coins are struggling to cope with the added accomplishment based simulation actualization of play as adjoin to the fast paced annihilation of fut.