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FIFA - I am answer this properly

Every individual one of you knows what I'm talking about. I just came out of such a bold and the activity is in actuality bad. In case you are new to the bold and this sub as a whole of FIFA 17 Coins, here's what I'm talking about:

1,Making able passes al of a sudden becomes the hardest assignment for your team.

2,Your abecedarian switching is out of ascendancy - aggravating to aces the abutting to the brawl apostle and you get to ascendancy your striker.

3,All 99,9%-sure shots go off ambition no bulk which antagonist you are using.

And one added affair - I am not abiding if I am answer this properly, but the endure few weekends I've accomplished something weird, if it comes to switching players.

You apperceive how the minute your opponent's striker gets the ball, the centermost of your aegis splits like the Red Sea?

Yeah, so what happened to me several times was me switching to that one apostle that is authoritative a run abroad from the ball, and even admitting I am captivation the LS in the administration of the ball, my abecedarian runs a few meters in the complete opposite direction.

So, gentlemen, let's alcohol to THAT ONE GAME. Let it consistently be that attainable an approaching accident in about to occur. Cheers!

I just had a bold endure night area 88 rated Son hit column on an attainable goal. My opponents GK picks up the brawl and blasts it downfield appropriate to my TOTY walker. My TOTY ambler forgets how to ascendancy the brawl and it bounces off his bottom 20 feet abaft him and goes out for a corner.

My adversary crosses the brawl in and it bounces off my defenders chest (Even admitting I'm spamming b to bright the ball) 10 anxiety in foreground of him into an attainable Manolas.

Manolas denticulate a larboard footed advance ambition from the top of the box. For those arena at home, Manolas is a CB with 19 shooting. He has 10 finishing, 12 continued shots, 16 volleys, 43 attempt power, and a 2* WF.

He accursed the brawl with his 2* WF into the top appropriate angle of the net as if he was fucking Zeus casting thunderbolts at Hades. I played counter-strike afterwards that.