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FIFA - How to analysis your ping on fifa

If you're on windows use command alert and blazon the above. If you're on mac use terminal and blazon that in FIFA 17 Coins.

It shows your ping to the EA servers. For advertence >80ms is garbage. A lot of alliance of legends players would shoot themselves on that ping. A lot of able LOL players acquisition annihilation aloft 30ms ping is unplayable (most koreans play beneath 10ping).

During my laggy weekend league, my ping was 200ms!!!! During the anniversary if it was "smooth" my ping went down to 130ms.

Simply put, if you're aloft 30ms.....thats why you acquaintance ascribe delay.

My ping in LOL is 29ms, overwatch is 14ms, cod is 18ms.

If youre about to access a game, analysis your ping application this if its in the awning that you acquire kits. If its aloft 80ms, leave the bold and alpha a new search. Occasionally if you bout with anyone beyond the world, that ping goes up right as you baddest your kit and go to the "ready" screen. Meant to column this ages ago but forgot. But accepted aphorism of thumb, for you to not acquaintance ascribe lag that is complete noticable to you, you wish to be beneath 60ms.

Edit: UTAS is the FUT server specifically. Addition server is for added EA games. FUT runs on it own servers.

The additional fut server is: ping utas.s2.fut.ea.com


The boilerplate animal acknowledgment time for a beheld bang is like 250ms. In amateur about this is extraneous as we adumbrate a lot of of what is happening, aswell this is the time for you to apperceive a bang and in fact react. If we see a amateur running...you apperceive area they will end up through arrangement recognition.

"In the study, scientists showed humans a alternation of images flashed for 13 to 80 milliseconds. Viewers auspiciously articular things like a "picnic" or "smiling couple" even afterwards the briefest of glimpses."

"But Potter's aggregation begin that although people's achievement beneath on boilerplate as the time was reduced, they still performed bigger than adventitious if anecdotic images flashed for as little as 13 milliseconds, the dispatch complete of the computer adviser they used."

This is why pro gamers like monitors with a acknowledgment bulk of 1ms-4ms because afterwards months of arena a game...you no best even acquire to adumbrate what is happening...you already apperceive whats advancing so you can acknowledge appropriately.

Taking that into account....the adjournment I acquire during WL is 200ms...Most of you annual this could action 15 images aflame on your awning in that time as continued as they acquire a pattern. This is why if i say if your ping is aloft 30ms...most of you will acquaintance delay....and pro gamers like koreans in LOL charge to play beneath 10ms ping because there is adjournment amid their clicks and what they see otherwise.

This is why in amateur like cod...people can still win 30 gunfights in a row afterwards dying because even admitting you die in <1 second...It's affluence of time for a animal to react. You dont acquire that affluence in fifa (at atomic for me).


By MMOGO.com