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FIFA - Got top 100 with a brownish team

I beggarly he got top 100 with a brownish team, why on apple would he affected a video acceptable assay 1 with a goalkeeper squad?

I bethink aggravating a abounding goalkeeper band a few months ago with Ronaldo in ambition and I in actuality managed to win two amateur and I am boilerplate abreast as acceptable at the bold as Harry, so it isn't alien that he could win Div1.

Still, acceptable with the brownish aggregation he was application isn't even commensurable to acceptable with 11 goalkeepers. 10x easier with bronzes.

Winning one bold with a brownish aggregation is easier than a aggregation of GK's, correct. Accepting top 100 with a Brownish aggregation and acceptable Assay 1 with GK's doesn't compare.

40 amateur adjoin the a lot of bathed OP teams/best players is absolutely harder than acceptable a few amateur in a assay in which majority of players accept now accomplished and don't play to the aforementioned akin as FUT Weekend.

TBH, I dont affliction if he did not do it the prefered way, he still won abundant matches with goalkeepers in div1. Im abiding 99,99*1000% of humans on this sub would not be able to win a individual bender with gk only.

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