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Apr-07-2017 Categories: news

You apperceive what, it's just impaired that OTW cards don't get upgraded by all adapted cards except TOTS and TOTY. They are ones to watch because we wish to see them accept acceptable games.

So if earning MOTM bureau they had a acceptable game, afresh why the hell wouldn't the OTW go up too?

Yours truly, a triggered buyer of Kante & Higuain OTW cards...PS the EA website says "The bigger the amateur performs in absolute life, the college their ratings become!"

At the alpha I anticipation it's fair, there aren't that abounding MOTM's but they absolution them so frequently now. I achievement EA change OTW's to be all adapted cards besides TOTS and TOTY.

It kills the amount of some of the OTW cards. Defeats the purpose of them if you've got absolutely a lot of the covering one's with college rated MOTM's.

Got OTW Kante and Higuain too, apprehension addition IF from them.At atomic you accept those OTW. I accept OTW Ben Arfa. Hes apparently never gonna be upgraded.

With a MOTM in packs for the next 7 days, can Higuain acquire an IF in next week's TOTW or no? Contemplating affairs his OTW as Juventus is amphitheatre a $.25 aggregation tomorrow.

I feel like this occurred during the fall, but I can't bethink what happened to Buy FIFA 18 Coins at MMOgo.com.