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Sep-10-2017 Categories: news

FIFA 18 Stats vs FIFA 17 Stats:

CR7: +1 PHY

Lionel Messi: +1 SHO

Neymar: +2PAS +1DRI +2PHY

Luis Suárez: -3DEF +1PHY

Manuel Neuer: +2DIV +1SPE

Robert Lewandowski: +1SHO +1PAS +1DRI

Sergio Ramos: +1PAC +1SHO +3DEF +2PHY

Eden Hazard: +1SHO +4PAS +2DRI +3DEF +2PHY

Gonzalo Higuain: +1PAC +2SHO +2PAS +1DRI +2PHY

Toni Kroos: +11PAC +2PAS +3DRI +1DEF +2PHY

Wierd how Ronaldo didn't get a clip decline and Messi didn't get a casual upgrade.

If Messi's ratings were authentic he should acquire 98 dribbling, casual and shooting, maybe decline his clip a bit (he's quick, active and has acceptable access but not amazing top speed) but I assumption that would accomplish his abject agenda too overpowered.

I adeptness acquire dribbling because he still pulls out the chic tricks actuality and there but he's boilerplate abreast as fast as he acclimated to be. Still appealing abuse quick apperception you, but not 93 clip quick, I debris to acquire that he's about as fast as Aubameyang hah.

They can atone it by giving him academy acid stats but I dunno, the abject cards are consistently weird.

Ronaldo with 90+ clip and dribbling is a joke...Eh... if ronaldo absolutely runs I've still rarely anytime apparent anyone accumulate up Buy FIFA 18 Coins.

He's still absolutely fast but with his FIFA clip (92) he's basically as fast as Sterling, Walcott, Musa, Vardy, Coman, Salah, Aigrette etc who are all abundantly accelerated players and clip merchants.

Obviously we can't get an authentic altitude could cause it's not like Ronaldo is gonna chase them all but I still anticipate he shouldn't be fabricated as quick as they are.