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Apr-13-2018 Categories: news

I had all the players in the Pro Alliance collected, because I was acquisitive for an SBC Dendonker, Vormer, or anyone accessible in hybrids.

Well, EA afraid us all today if they appear 2 new alliance SBC's. The alleged amateur was the Polish tank, Teodorczyk, and these are my thoughts:

Impressive Stats: 6'2" Height 93 Positioning 92 Finishing 93 Heading 88 Strength 88 Composure.

He looks like a barbarian on paper: cool able with accomplished finishing.

However, I can't say I was the bigger fan of his card. In my ten online games, he denticulate 8 goals and had 1 assist.

Decent numbers, right? Well, 6 of those goals came in 2 games, with 2 from penalties. He did accomplishment some absorbing strikes, and aswell banged in a brace headers accomplished the goalies.

I will not catechism his finishing adeptness whatsoever. The man is clinical, but it was difficult to get him superior opportunities.

I candidly acquainted like I was I was authoritative a goalie at striker. His poor dispatch (73), activity (70), and antithesis (64) in actuality aching his fun factor. The 2/2 admixture for abilities and anemic bottom was aswell actually annoying.

Due to this, I struggled to accept abounding aggressive affairs with him. He aswell didn't feel too strong, because every time he would yield acquaintance he would abatement to the ground, because his antithesis was so poor.

Verdict: In adjustment to get this man to score, I had to use anybody abroad and achievement he could acquisition amplitude in the box.

Yes, he is absurd at finishing the ball. However, I anticipate the poor skills/weakfoot, forth with some lower stats in key areas (at atomic in my adopted playstyle) accepted to be bigger issues than I was initially expecting.

Personally, he was added of an annoyance, and I enjoyed application his adolescent teammates (IF Sobota especially) far more.

Lukasz Teodorczyk: 6.0

This is just my opinion, but it could alter for others! This guy just wasn't for me, Mobile FIFA Coins and that's okay! Let me apperceive what you guys anticipate of the tank! Will/have you alleviate him?