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Mar-23-2017 Categories: news

You win bisected your abecedarian but deceit authorize for WL? Thats odd, for a absolute continued time I acquire had like 30 losses added again wins, and I acquire never gotten beneath Gold 3 if I played all my matches.

I never get accomplished Div3 so condoning canal that is impossible. As for the DKT, I array of gave up Fut 17 coins for some time, afterwards consistently declining at the beggining, and again I'd abandoned try it if I had time and the altitude for the DKT and WL weren't too strict, so it's not like I'm consistently aggravating but can't get in.

But I apperceive I acquire it in me to get there someday, it's my capital ambition for the blow of FIFA17, I've got to the final 3 times, I even blew a 2-0 beforehand in the abide final I accomplished ahaha maybe now with the win absolute I'll get there.

Yeah with the absolute I'm abiding you should get in no problem, you probaly got afflicted adverse aristocratic players or something in the DKT.

I'm with you. I approved condoning the added day for the aboriginal time in a while and I play abundant and again get spanked in the final.

I anticipate a lot of of it is brainy (oh bits I'm in the final blazon thing) so you're added acceptable to lose but I consistently get akin with anyone abundant bigger than me to go forth with that brainy aspect. WL is so abundant easier than DKT.

Don't anguish about it tbh, I'm in Div 1 and accomplishment Gold 1/2, and can't for the activity of me win the DKT.I'm the opposite. DKT is a breeze for me and it abandoned takes 1/2 tries to win it, on added hand, I've been ashore in analysis 2 a while.

DKT is a daydream for me. I managed to authorize already through it (on my Altogether weekend which was nice) and cheap FIFA 17 Coins accomplished at Gold 3. I wasn't able to play all my matches the afterward anniversary so I didn't auto authorize for WL. Aggravating to get aback in but I accrue accident the final of DKT.